Your Official 2021 Spring Cleaning To-Do List

By: Joshua Campbell

Your Official 2021 Spring Cleaning To-Do List

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It's official Spring is here! The April showers have started, but so have the warmer temperatures. Bags of dirt are being emptied on flower beds, people are unwrapping their hedges and the trees are slowly blossoming. With the warmer weather here it’s officially time to start your Spring cleaning! It is one of the staples of the season and with Ontario in lockdown for the month this is the perfect time to get your house looking its best. Here is your KB-approved Spring Cleaning to-do list.
Step 1: Check For Standing Water
For those who don’t know, standing water is a pool of water that remains in your yard for hours. It suggests that’s your yard has poor drainage. Standing water located around your home’s foundation can lead to moisture issues in your basement or crawlspace. Mosquitoes are also bred in standing water, even if the puddle is only a few centimetres deep.
After the next rainfall check around your house and property to ensure your yard has proper drainage.
Step 2: Clean Your Trash Cans
When was the last time you cleaned your green bin? Over time our garbage, recycling, and green bins will become home to a multitude of germs. In the winter, bacteria like Listeria can thrive in our bins if they are left in the cold garage or sit outside all winter long. Be mindful that food scraps and sticky drippings will also line the sides and bottoms of our bins potentially giving off a nauseating smell. So after garbage day, grab some eco-friendly dish soap and hot water and give your bins a good clean.
Step 3: Check Your AC
During the winter, mice and other small critters may have found shelter in your AC unit. If they built a nest or bit at wires it could strain your unit and require repairs. Take a look at your outside unit before moving inside to try the thermostat. If everything looks good test run your AC. Once you feel the cold air turn it off. Now you are ready for the hot summer days ahead.
Step 4: Declutter
Take a weekend to declutter your home. Start by going room by room, categorizing things that you use, are garbage, or can be donated or sold. Facebook Marketplace is a great way to sell your gently used items. Anything that does not sell can be donated to Goodwill. Just make sure before you donate that things have been properly cleaned.
Step 5: Wash Your Windows and Screens
If it’s nice, take a day to wash the inside and outside of your windows. Wipe away that winter grime and dust to take advantage of full sun. And don’t forget to wash your screens as well. They can collect large amounts of debris, dust, and bugs.
Step 6: Organize Your Garage
Our garages can quickly become black holes of supplies, boxes, decorations, and tools. Some simple ideas are to add storage towers, add wire shelving, or install high cabinets. For some more helpful ideas click here. Take this time to clean and organize your garage, who knows maybe you’ll even be able to park your car inside.  
Lastly, if selling or buying a property is also on your Spring to-do list please get in touch with me. I would be happy to help and get a plan in motion by the end of the week. If you need any more help please get in touch.
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