You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

By: Joshua Campbell

You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

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Much like Millennials love swiping through popular dating apps such as Tinder to find their perfect match based on a quick first impression, your prospective buyers love the concept of curb appeal when house hunting.

Curb appeal includes a combination of various factors such as landscaping, exterior finishes, and the home’s surroundings. Caring for, maintaining, and even updating your home’s exterior is an easy way to paint a more inviting picture for your potential buyers, and can make a dramatic difference in bidding prices.

At Knowledge Broker, we work very closely with our clients to help them improve and update key elements that buyers find attractive, and from that experience, we’ve narrowed down three updates you can and should make ASAP if you plan on listing your home.

Driveway and Pathway

Ensure that there are no cracks or weeds growing on the driveway and pathways. If this is the case, consider getting the area repaved. Another option is to replace the paving with interlocking stones or tiles; this significantly improves the presence of your home, giving it more of a statement aesthetic.

Exterior Finishes

Doors, windows, and garage doors are amongst the most noticeable exterior features of any home. Continue maintaining these items by keeping them clean, and/or applying a fresh coat of paint, after a period of normal wear and tear.

For windows, aim to have window coverings that complement the exterior of your home. California shutters are the most versatile option, as they suit the look of most homes, and increase the resale value at the same time.

Exterior pot lights are the new trend, especially among detached homes. Before installing the pot lights, carefully analyze between the white and yellow pot light colours to see which better suits the exterior of your home.

Lawn and Garden

A perfectly green, weedless lawn goes a long way and speaks to how well your home’s property has been maintained. It doesn’t have to be fancy – it’s as simple as keeping the grass green and taking out the weeds. Adding various landscaping elements, such as trees, and gardens can give your home’s front lawn extra character, making it stand out more.

More Than Just a Trend

When it comes to curb appeal, always aim for a clean, well-maintained look. It doesn’t hurt to consult with contractors, or a trusted real estate agent to help you achieve your vision, and brainstorm potential ideas.

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