Would You Rather Buy a House With No Outlets or No Toilets? 

By: Joshua Campbell

Would You Rather Buy a House With No Outlets or No Toilets? 

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Would you rather paint your entire house one colour or cover it entirely with wallpaper? This week I am being put to the test in a game of ‘Would You Rather’. Follow along and if you disagree with my answers, send me an email at Joshua@knowledgebroker.ca. I’d love to hear your comments!
Q1: Would you rather buy a house with no outlets or no toilets? 
I’ve spent some time in Thailand and lived outside while travelling. I know how to take care of myself without toilets. No outlets, on the other hand, I could not do it. I need to keep myself plugged in. So my final answer is to buy a house with no toilets.
Q2: Would you rather live next to neighbours who only listen to Mambo No 5 loudly or live next to a cemetery? 
Cemeteries might seem spooky but they have some of the quietest properties on earth! Not to mention there would never be any development on the land. Sounds ideal.
Q3: Would you rather sell a home with a jungle in the backyard or an ocean? 
As much fun as a jungle might be, you can’t beat the view of the ocean. I’m a fan of sunsets and I think I’d be very passionate about selling a house with a fantastic view.
Q4: Would you rather work with a client who doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t tell you what they want?
At the end of the day, neither of these options is better than the other. Clients who do not listen often make mistakes that could have been avoided. Clients who do not tell you what just slow down the process. I think I would go with the second option. It would take more work and time but at least mistakes won’t be made.
Q5: Would you rather have a bouncy castle bed or a ball pit bathtub? 
If I am allowed my pillow I can sleep just about anywhere. Bouncy castle bed it is.
Q6: Would you rather stage a house covered in photos of Shrek or paint Justin Beiber’s face on your client's garage doors? 
If a client was a friend and I was a skilled enough painter, I would definitely paint Justin Beiber’s face all over their garage doors. I have a few friends who would probably do the exact same to me.
Q7: Would you rather have a child redecorate your house or never be able to redecorate again? 
I’d have a child redecorate my house. I love change and kids have some really imaginative ideas. I think a house designed by a child would be incredible.
Well, that’s all the questions we have today! If you disagree with me send me an email I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of these outrageous questions.

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