Why You Need A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Recreational Property

By: Joshua Campbell

Why You Need A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Recreational Property

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Are you selling a chalet, cabin or cottage? You might be thinking it is worthwhile to save a little and try and sell your property privately. We are here to tell you this is a mistake. While you might save a few dollars on commission costs you risk losing so much more by taking a serious risk. Here are the 4 risks of trying to sell your recreational property privately.

  1. You Overvalue or Undervalue the Property
Real estate agents have access to expert home appraisers with years of experience. An appraiser will be able to give an accurate value of your home's worth and an agent will be able to raise it or lower it depending on other properties in the area and the current market. Without this information, you run the risk of evaluating your property for what you think it’s worth. An overvalued property could be on the market for months without a bite and an undervalued property will lose you significant money.
  1. You Think Your Property Looks Great 
One of the many benefits of a real estate agent is a fresh pair of unbiased eyes. They have experience deciphering what are the pros of a home and the negatives. They will be able to have a look around your cottage, cabin or chalet and tell you exactly what needs to be repaired. Without this expert to guide you, you might truly believe there is nothing wrong with your property and want to sell as-is. Do not be surprised if potential buyers try and negotiate a lower price because you overlooked major flaws.
  1. You Market It By Yourself 
Real estate agents have access to MLS, Realtor.ca and a database of clients and other agents. Along with social media and web marketing, they have access to a multitude of potential buyers. When trying to sell a home privately, you will need to craft a sturdy “For Sale” sign and promote on your own social media channels. Depending on the area you might be able to put up a for sale flyer in town. Unlike an agent who can reach interested people hours away you will only be able to reach your own area.
  1. You Try And Negotiate  

Do you know how to negotiate a deal without scaring your buyers away? Probably not. Negotiation in real estate is a trade skill and unlike other industries. A real estate agent can juggle multiple offers while weighing them against each other to get a higher offer. For an inexperienced individual, this will be a shocking wake up call. People in this position often take the first offer they get.
On top of these four risks, there is also the added stress of paperwork, financing and potentially working with a buyer’s agent. In the long run, you might save some commission money but you risk losing so much more. A good agent is worth every dime.
If you are thinking of selling a cottage, cabin or chalet please reach out to us. We would be happy to help relieve your selling stress.
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