Which Camera Doorbell Is Right For You?

By: Joshua Campbell

Which Camera Doorbell Is Right For You?

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Camera doorbells have been growing in popularity from the smart home perspective to their security and convenience features.  Whether it’s a late-night caller or making sure your Amazon package doesn’t ‘take a walk’ before you get to it!  They can range from very basic to high-end capabilities so it’s important to understand not only what’s available but what meets your individual needs.  Here are a few things to consider before you start your research and shopping.

  1. Budget
For many people, the budget comes first and surprisingly, camera doorbells come in a very wide price range! You can purchase one from about $65 all the way up to about $500 depending on how fancy, high-tech and feature-loaded it happens to be.  Most buyers tend to increase their budget slightly to accommodate some better features.
  1.  Subscription Fees
Don’t forget to always read the fine print!  Some camera doorbells require a subscription fee to be able to use all of the features of the device.  Be sure to do the research, understand terms and costs and make sure that the subscribed services are ones you will actually use!
  1. Motion Sensor Ability
Many doorbells come equipped with a motion sensor that will switch the video component on when it detects motion.  Keeping in mind that all sensors are not created equal, it is important to check out the specs.  Some motion sensors could only work well at very close range while others can pick someone up walking across the street.  Most of the time, it’s as simple as getting what you pay for.
  1. Ease of Setup
About half of the brands checked out reported some sort of complication with set-up, whether it be a clunky phone app, a smart-home connectivity issue, or just a long process for set-up.  Consider this and your comfort level with technology before buying.
  1. Aesthetics
‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’, right?  Not always!  The look of camera doorbells is generally pretty consistent but can vary in the size and finished look. Some can also have a discrete eye while others have quite large ones!
  1. Durability

Is it built to last? With so many brands out there, it’s important to pay close attention to see if the manufacturer has put in any warnings about environments and durability. Here in Ontario, we can have some pretty hectic weather change, so make sure to buy one that will stand up to the elements.
At the end of it all, the best advice we can give is to research, research, research!  Read lots of reviews!  If you tend to see the same complaint from different people on a single product, odds are it is a true downfall of the product.  From there, consider if that issue is something that matters to you.  If you’re going to be purchasing one soon, share with us about what you chose and why by visiting our Facebook page!

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