When Pet Owners Sell

By: Joshua Campbell

When Pet Owners Sell

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When you are preparing to sell your home, it takes a lot of work like minor repairs, prepping, photography, planning, open houses and showings. It’s no surprise that many home owners struggle through this process as it can often be stressful and frustrating trying to ensure that you get the most money you can get for your home. Pet owners are no exception to this and whether you have a cat, pup or parakeet, a lot of extra work has to go into maintaining your home in top notch condition while it’s up for sale. Here are a few tips for pet owners to consider when they are listing their home for sale; 

  1. Control That Pet Odour!
We’ve said it before and we will say it again: sellers, you’ve gone nose blind!  Pets are not odourless and cat litter especially can be quite pungent in the home. Making sure that the litter box is not stored in a furnace room (but still out of plain site) is definitely step 1 to success!  Also make sure that it always has fresh litter and is scooped often.  If you have a caged animal that has bedding, treat this the same as cat litter.  Caged animals with bedding can be super stinky. 
  1. Pet Hair? DO CARE!
Stay on top of the pet hair battle!  If you’re furry friends are leaving hairy couches and fur tumbleweeds throughout the house, make it a daily practice to leave the house clean.  Try and get into a morning routine so that you leave the house spotless each day before work.
  1. That Dog’s Gotta Go!
We aren’t trying to sound mean. At KB, we all love dogs, however, and this may be surprising…not everyone loves dogs :/ In today’s market place, we need to be aware that some people do not like dogs and can even be afraid of them…yep, even sweet little Mitzy. If the dog must be on the premises, make sure that your real estate agent’s office is aware that the dog is going to be there so that they can give instructions to the showing agent.  If you do have the option to take the dog out of the house though, you really should.  Newmarket has a few temperature controlled indoor doggie play places if going for a walk is not an option.  
  1. Consider Your Pet’s Feelings Too

Remember, listing your home isn’t just stressful for you, it’s stressful for them too!  Strangers coming in and out of the house, especially when you aren’t home, would be strange and unsettling for them. 
KB Client Coordinator Alexis shared that on a recent transaction for a family member, the pets went to live with a family member while the home was listed.  Not only did it make things a lot less stressful for the home owner, but also for the pets who got to be spoiled at Grandma’s house for a while!  We realize that this isn’t an option that is available to everyone so speak to us about strategies to consider for your pets while your home is up for sale! 
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