What You Need To Know About Your Final Walkthrough

By: Joshua Campbell

What You Need To Know About Your Final Walkthrough

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Buying a house is no easy feat. It requires planning, communication and patience. But once you find the home of your dreams it all seems worth it. On the tail end of buying a property is the final walkthrough. The final walkthrough is one of the last things you’ll do before you can close the deal. To ensure you know the ins and outs of the final walkthrough, here are the 5 most important things.

  1. What The Purpose Of A Final Walk-Through Is
The final walkthrough is NOT a home inspection. It is a chance to see that the home is in the agreeable condition when you put the offer in. If there were any repairs that the sellers needed to be made, ensure these have been completed.
  1. Know Who Attends The Final Walk-Through
The final walkthrough is done by the buyer and the buyer’s agent. The seller and seller’s agent will not be present. You may also want to bring your home inspector through again to re-inspect the house and ensure the repairs were fixed properly and professionally.
  1. You Can Take Your Time 
Because this walkthrough is just with you and your agent, feel free to take your time. Spend as much time as you want in each room and inspect even the most minor details. You should dedicate some time as well to look over the outside of the house, property and extra buildings like the shed, garage or pool house.
  1. You Can Identify Any Issues You Find
If you do find a broken window or a hole in the wall relax this is not a deal-breaker, if anything it might just push the closing day back a few days. You might also be able to ask the seller to pay for the repair after you move in.
  1. Last-Minute Things To Check For

You should ask your real estate agent for a thorough checklist of things to do but a few key areas to do include:

   - Turning on and off all switches to ensure the electricity works throughout the house
   - Bring a plug-in light to test all electrical outlets
   - Turn on all taps and check for leaks
   - Test the garage doors and remotes
  - Open and close all windows and check the laches
If you have any more questions about what you should do during a final walkthrough, please get in contact with us. We would be happy to help you out.
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