What You Need To Clean When You Move Into A New House

By: Joshua Campbell

What You Need To Clean When You Move Into A New House

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When you finally get the keys to your new home, there are a few things you will initially do. You might run around to every room, you might facetime your parents to show them, you might cry, or you might do a happy dance. But after you’ve done all that, the first real thing you need to do is CLEAN EVERYTHING! The house looked and felt clean during your final walkthrough, but a lot has happened since then. Here is a list of the things you need to clean as soon as you move in! P.S This is a lot easier if you do not move in your boxes and furniture.

  1. Start High and Work Down
Gravity will impact the dust and cobwebs that might be forming on the lights and ceiling fans. Because of this, you will want to start cleaning high before you work on the lower surfaces and the floor. Deep clean the ceiling fans, overhead lighting, high selves, corners and even the ceiling. This area does not get cleaned very often so really spend some time making it sparkle.
  1. Clean Surfaces
Now that you have cleaned the high parts of the room start cleaning the lower surfaces and counters. For stubborn stains try mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste. Spread it over the spots and let sit for a few minutes. You will also want to spend some time cleaning handles and cupboards.
  1. Clean Inside
Sanitize the inside of your fridges, freezers, oven, and microwave using a mixture of water and white vinegar. Remove shelves and drawers and give them a proper clean in the sink. Take time to really clean the inside of cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom. These aren’t areas we often look at but are not uncommon places for spills and dust build-up.
  1. Deep Clean The Bathroom
The bathroom is a breeding ground for lingering germs. Scrub down the toilets, counter, shower, bathtub and other spots with antibacterial spray. Don’t forget often-missed areas like the toilet paper holder, light switch, faucets, door handles and drains.
  1. Clean the Air Returns and Floor Vents 
Not only do you want to ensure consistent airflow throughout the house, but you also want to clean those out ASAP. Who knows what dust and debris have been caught in there over time.
  1. Clean the Floor 

It’s time to focus on the bottom section of each room. Use the vacuum head to clean corners and edges and then use a damp cloth to clean and dust the floorboards. For hardwood or tiled floors start by vacuuming any fallen dust. Then start mopping using a product that is safe for your surface. For carpets, after you vacuum, rent a steam cleaner to really improve the carpet quality.
After you’ve finished it’s time to move your stuff in!
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