What Sellers Look For In Buyers

By: Joshua Campbell

What Sellers Look For In Buyers

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Selling a house can be a very emotional time for some. This is the house they saw their kids grow up in or bought right after a big promotion. There is a lot of sentimental value in homes and sellers want to make sure the next person who buys theirs deserves it. Keeping that in mind buyers listen closely because these are 4 ways to make yourself look better to sellers.

  1. Be Organized
Do you have your finances in order? Are you working with a real estate agent? Have you sold your previous house already? These are questions sellers want buyers to answer “yes” too. Sellers ideally want an easy sale and working with buyers who are organized will give them that. Especially if they know you are working with a respectable agent, have been pre-approved for a mortgage and your current home has been sold firm.
  1. Be Respectful but Aggressive 
You have been scrolling through the internet for weeks looking at listings. You’ve been going to showings and finally, you’ve found the house you want. You need to move quickly without making the sellers feel pressured or uncomfortable. It’s a balancing act of moving at their speed while ensuring you get the house of your dreams. Sellers appreciate buyers who are determined and ready. They also really appreciate an aggressive and organized offer right off the hop.
  1. Write A Letter
In your offer write a letter to the sellers explaining why you want this house and how much it means to you. Sellers appreciate a personal touch that is from the heart and genuine. It instills a level of trust that you’ll take care of their house.
  1. Be Easy To Work With 
During negotiations be flexible and responsive. Sit by your phone ready for whatever the sellers throw at you next. Prior to this, discuss with your real estate agent exactly what you are ready to offer. Sellers will appreciate your urgency and attentiveness. When it comes to the closing day, accommodating to the seller's needs first will speak volumes and might be the deciding factor when choosing your offer over another’s.
Working with sellers is like doing a dance with a new partner. You might miss a few steps here and there, but as long as you know what you’re doing they will go along with you. Be flexible and accountable. Be by your phone and ready to move on in a moment’s notice. And just remember, if this is the home of your dreams, you will want to do whatever it takes to get it.
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