What Is Your Real Estate Agent Really Thinking?

By: Joshua Campbell

What Is Your Real Estate Agent Really Thinking?

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Have you ever stopped to consider what your real estate agent is thinking? This week we talk #RealEstateProblems with some of the internet’s funniest memes. Here, we break down a few of our favourites so you can get the inside scoop at some of the Knowledge Broker’s serious thoughts ;)

  1. A Buyer’s Agent Won’t Cost You A Thing
Yes, you heard that right a buyer’s agent won’t cost you a thing. But it is good to keep in mind that if the listing agent or the seller doesn’t pay the commission fees then the buyer could be on the hook.
  1. When Your Client’s Offer Gets Accepted
100%! When our client’s offer gets accepted, we really are that excited. It is such an amazing moment when you know your clients are about to get a new place. Especially because of all the work that goes into getting it accepted.
  1. Having Days Off
Non-existent! We are constantly working even when it seems we are not. Our minds are constantly moving and thinking about what we could be doing better. But that being said, when you find a job that you love doing, work doesn’t seem like a chore anymore because it becomes a part of your joyful life. So even though I may not have a normal Monday to Friday work week, I wouldn’t change any a thing.
  1. Real Estate? Stressful?
  1. Can You Handle Another Listing?
This is completely true. Often times we’ll catch ourselves complaining that we have no time yet we will always have time to take on new listings. At Knowledge Broker, we have set up people and processes to handle as many listings as possible while maintaining our 1st class client experience.
  1. Welcome to 123 Main Street
Must be a popular place! I truly think that people are timid to give their real addresses which is never helpful for us. We pride ourselves with being honest and if you aren’t willing, to be honest with us, how can we build a strong partnership?
  1. Same House, Different Photos
I get it. I’ve seen this happen many times and KB would probably do the same. I think overall the goal would be to make sure your first set of photos are clean, clear and highlight everything that potential buyers look for.

If you have any questions or you want to share a real estate meme with us reach out via our social media or email. This was a fun video to shoot and we can’t wait to break down some more #RealEstateProblems.

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