Update Your Home’s Design

By: Joshua Campbell

Update Your Home’s Design

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When selling your home, you want to make an instant impression. One way to achieve this is by creating a stylish, trendy, and updated look throughout your property. That means it is time to update some of your outdated design trends.  
Here are four design trends that you need to say goodbye to.  
Gallery Walls
Gallery walls were a popular design for several years, but now, experts are saying enough is enough. While these walls provide a more personal touch to a home, if not done well, they can make a room look small and cramped. They can also distract from other characteristics and features in a room such as a gorgeous window or a beautiful mantle. If you are selling a home, these are personal touches that can certainly deter buyers.
The Colour Grey
Neutral colours go with many types of styles and home décor items. In the past, many homes were using the colour grey throughout their interior design. Today, this colour is found in so many homes that these properties do not stand out and are very commonplace. If you want to incorporate new, yet neutral colours throughout your home consider a light blue, tan or cream. For a more bold choice try the colour green.
Wooden Cabinetry
Wood cabinets go with a variety of styles and décor. They are customizable but design experts are suggesting that it is time to become more creative. Open shelves are very popular in the kitchen and can be customized depending on your style such as rustic wood or industrial steal. If you really do love your closed cabinets, consider updating to two toned-cabinets.
Edison Bulbs
Edison bulbs were once the most common way to brighten up a room but now, other options are taking the spotlight. Designers are focusing more on a modern or unique light fixture rather than just the light blub. This adds a statement piece to any room and is more energy-efficient.
Creating a trendy, beautiful, and inviting living space will attract potential buyers. Check back here for up-to-date trends to ensure your house is the most stylish on the street and on the market.  
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