Tips for Selling Your Home While You Relocate for Work

By: Joshua Campbell

Tips for Selling Your Home While You Relocate for Work

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You’ve just landed a new job in another city. You’ve started researching the amenities around the job and maybe even some spots to visit. Whether the move is a positive or a negative before you can move you will have to sell your current house. There are several considerations to take into account when you are selling your home to relocate for work.

Find A Realtor 

Realtors work with all sorts of scenarios and they can guide you and streamline the process of selling your house. In choosing a real estate agent, you will want someone who is prompt, communicative, attentive and has a good track record in your local area. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and check out testimonials! You are busy juggling many aspects of a complex move, so you want someone flexible who accommodates your schedule.
Create Timelines 

Now that you have your agent, determine what your timelines are. These will depend on when you need to move, start work, and how much time you have to prepare the house. How much time you have affects how the home will be presented to potential buyers. If the house cannot be staged or touched up in the time it may affect your asking price. A good agent will be able to work with your timeline and create a process you both can follow.
Go With Professionals 

Due to time restraints and your likely very busy schedule, you will not have time to help prepare your house for sale. It is advisable to hire professionals. Consult with your realtor on what needs to be done before you list the house and unfortunately what to leave be. Make the most of your money by targeting smaller fixes around the house instead of a large fix in only one room.
Stage and Photograph
Both can be a costly part of moving but when done right both can boost the sale of your property. Staging and professional photos can help your listing presentation and the overall house appeal when potential buyers visit. Your real estate agent should have colleagues who can do both.





You are going to need to move your belongings to your new place. If you have a very short timeline, consider a full-service moving company that packs everything at your old house and unpacks at your new place. It costs more but removes a lot of headaches. Your new employer may even cover some moving costs. If you are more budget-conscious, start packing whenever you have spare time and ask family and friends to help.
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