Tips For Being a First Time Seller

By: Joshua Campbell

Tips For Being a First Time Seller 

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Selling your first property is a process that requires time, energy, commitment, and patience, as it does not happen automatically. To make selling your first home easier and less stressful, review these tips that will help guide you through the process of being a first-time home seller.

Hiring A Local Agent 


Hiring a reputable agent who has knowledge of the local area and an experienced track record with successfully selling properties is extremely important. Make sure you can trust your agent and develop a well-functioning relationship with them. You need to work with someone that you know will get the job done, efficiently and effectively. If you have access to reviews or references, make sure you do your research and confirm they are the person you want to work with. For example, take a look at their social media pages to see what type of content and value you can gain from them.
Set An Achievable Price 

When setting a price for your home, avoid underestimating or overestimating its value. You want to set a price that truly depicts the home’s value and resonates with buyers in the market. In order to set that price, start by speaking with your real estate agent. They will advise you on an achievable range by examining sold prices and current list prices for similar homes in your area.

Make Sure You Prepare Your Home

Organize A Home Inspection 

Before selling, you’ll want to prepare your home to maximize its potential value. That includes potentially getting a home inspection done before listing and addressing any issues that you’ve been avoiding. Fixing the aesthetic of the spaces inside and outside the home, such as your curb appeal matters too. Do a full cleanout to make sure the home looks as attractive and as large as possible. You might even want to get minor renovations completed if you notice something isn’t working properly or an issue needs to be addressed.

Be Flexible

Host An Open House 

The point of open houses is to market your house to as many serious buyers as possible to increase your chances of getting a solid offer. Part of that process means you have to be flexible and accommodate showings. Your trusted real estate agent will arrange everything with the potential buyers. Your job is to leave the house clean with all the lights on and not interfere with the process.
Selling a home is a time-consuming process that requires your energy and attention if you want to see results. Make sure you put in the prep work before if you wish to successfully sell your home at a fair price.

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