A New Era For Knowledge Broker Real Estate

By: Joshua Campbell

A New Era For Knowledge Broker Real Estate

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“It’s just a burger and fries until you give it a name”
That has been our mindset since day one when the team at Knowledge Broker decided to break down our process into unique and individual packages. In real estate, the process seems quite simple - buy and sell or sell and buy. However, it’s the little steps in between that really matter and make an experience unique – where the magic happens. We wanted to take this idea of our process or our “burger and fries” mentality and make it it's own. That’s why each package is carefully crafted from past clients’ experiences, needs and wants.
The first step was to identify who our perfect client is by breaking down our database. We did a deep dive into each segment to discover everything from common goals, fears, ideal locations, and what’s happening in their lives. Using that as a jumping-off point, we were able to create different value packages for each and every client persona as they progress throughout their lives.
The difficult part came when deciding on package names. We needed something that would speak to people – something to inspire them. The team spent weeks coming up with words that perfectly described the essence of each package. We had worksheets and breakdowns of what would make a good name. We all spent a long time staring at the thesaurus. There were many disagreements along the way (and we might’ve lost a few brain cells) but within a few weeks, we were able to come up with package names that we loved as a team.
The next step was to understand how we were going to utilize these packages to enhance our client's overall experience. One afternoon, Jaimie (our Client Experience Designer) and Trish (our Marketing Manager) were mulling over the idea of creating a book – the journey of real estate based on the different stages of life. The vision was to simply tell the story.
The book idea led us to collaborate with a major marketing company that specializes in adding spice to real estate and innovating brands. Our initial meeting was to discuss the idea and concept for our book, but we walked away with new ideas to consider. Over the next few weeks, our excitement started to build as the possibilities of our personas continued to grow. We started sorting our ideas further until we came up with a full plan of attack.
Flash forward to one year later and we couldn’t be more excited to show you what we have built. This is a new era for Knowledge Broker and still just the beginning. Click here to take the new Knowledge Broker Quiz. One of the first elements of the new Knowledge Broker Experience. 

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