The Difference Between Hiring a Local Agent Vs. An Out of Town Agent

By: Joshua Campbell

The Difference Between Hiring a Local Agent Vs. An Out of Town Agent

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You have probably heard of the importance of finding a highly experienced and professional real estate agent to work with. But if the real estate agent you want to work with is from out of town, it can be detrimental to the selling of your house. Local agents have a full understanding of their market and can help you prepare your home. An agent from outside of your area might not. Here are some things to consider before signing with an out of town agent.  
When you’re selling a home in a certain area, the relationship factor counts. They’re likely to have a wide network of buyers who they have worked with before and other real estate agents they can get in touch with to market your home too. An out of town real estate agent is not as likely to know a lot of people in the area if any at all. The larger a real estate agent’s network, the more potential buyers they’re likely to find for your property.

Market Knowledge 

Market Knowledge

 Real estate prices vary widely by area. You can drive two hours north towards cottage country and see different prices than you would in the suburbs. A local agent from your city or town has knowledge of your market and know what kind of prices are considered average. They can use that information to help you determine the best price for your property. A real estate agent from another town is likely used to different pricing strategies that do not suit your area.

Understands LocationsUnderstands LocationsUnderstands Locations

Understands Locations 

Understands Locations

A local real estate agent will be familiar with your area. This means they will know which areas are generally more popular and desirable to live in. This knowledge will help you decide the selling price accordingly. Your local agent will advertise your home specifically in a way that appeals to buyers in your local area. An out of town agent might not fully understand how to market to the town or city which could diminish your chances of selling for the price you want.
 Working with a local real estate agent will prove to be more beneficial when it comes time to sell. You want someone who knows the area and has a full understanding of its real estate market. They have spent their entire career creating a strong network of relationships with buyers and other agents around them. Find a local real estate agent in your region who will sell and add value to your home in a timely manner.

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