Your Windows Can Make or Break A Sale

By: Joshua Campbell

Your Windows Can Make or Break A Sale

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The windows on your home are much more than just panes of glass.  With today’s building standards, windows are also integral to cutting down UV rays and preventing heat loss.  It is very important to make sure that your windows are always in great working order. Loss of heat is one of the major reasons for higher hydro bills each winter and condensation can lead to mould.  Keep the following tips in mind when thinking of selling your home as they are what buyers and home inspectors look for:
1) Watch for Condensation
Condensation appears when there is an abnormal amount of moisture in an area.  To minimize condensation, remove anything that may be causing this large amount of moisture.  The main culprit of this is having the humidity too high in the home or consistently keeping the blinds and drapes shut, preventing airflow and evaporation.  If the moisture is unavoidable, remember to consistently wipe the condensation off of the windows. The windows themselves are likely made of vinyl or wood if your home is older.  Either way, your windows have wood frames that will rot, so be sure to keep the area dry.
2) Look Out For Mold
A mouldy window frame is never a good sign, especially if the window is in a highly used area like a bedroom or kitchen.  Mould can cause people to get sick and is especially dangerous to anyone with an allergy.  To remove surface mould, be sure to clean it with a bleach and water solution (google has lots of DIY recipes) followed by thorough drying with a towel or dry cloth. After the mould has been removed, make you the area is kept ventilated and dry. This will ensure that the mould doesn’t return.  If the mould looks more invasive than you are comfortable with, consult a professional.
3) Inspect Air Drafts
Drafty windows are the worst, especially in the fall and winter seasons.  Although every window is different, there are a number of general things that homeowners can do to get rid of a pesky draft.  Check all of the windows for cracks or weak spots at their seals.  If there are no signs of visible damage, try installing shutters or heavy drapes. These can cut down the quantity of the airflow and keep a house warm.  You can also purchase kits to seal your windows during the wintertime.  They can be found at any home improvement or hardware store.  If none of these solutions work, then it may be time to invest in some new, energy-efficient windows.
4) Maintain Skylights
If you have any skylights in your home, at one point or another, they likely get a leak. This is because very few homeowners don’t realize that they need to maintain them, let alone, know how to maintain them.  Unfortunately, not everyone is going to get up onto their roof once a year to check them.  Not only is that inconvenient, but it can also be risky if you don’t entirely know what you’re doing.  Companies such as roofers and window washers in Ontario must have Working At Heights training and certification which tells you that they are well versed in ‘safety first’ when it comes to having their feet high off the ground!  It might be a good idea to reach out to a window washing company that will do skylights as well.  Not only would it be nice to have it cleaned, but they can clear any debris that is around the skylight and visually inspect it for damage.
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