The Best Paint Colours To Sell Your House

By: Joshua Campbell

The Best Paint Colours To Sell Your House

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One of the first renovation ideas people have when thinking of selling is to repaint the house. That is a fantastic idea that is cost-effective if you have the skill and the patience to do it yourself. Not only does it give you a chance to examine your walls for marks, holes or bumps, but it also gives the house the fresh feeling it might need.
Before you do this massive make-over, you need to think about the wants of your future buyer. However, that doesn’t mean you have to paint your entire house gray just because it’s a popular colour. There are numerous colour options available for each room that gives the house personality while also making it profitable.
The kitchen is the centre of every home. It’s the statement piece and can be effectively highlighted when painted with a rich, standout colour. Reds, blues, yellows and greens really shine in a kitchen. The colour red is believed to stimulate the appetite, while green keeps your kitchen feeling fresh and uplifting. White is also a popular option for kitchens because it is bright and clean. Colour psychology really does change how we perceive things!
To incorporate both clean and colourful, try installing white cabinets and counters paired with a splash of colour on the backsplash or walls. Another idea is to add colour to the bottom of your cupboards and island while keeping everything above it neutral.
The first part of the house your buyers will see is the entryway. This is the “Switzerland” of the entire house because every room is an offshoot of this space. Some people may choose to go bold in this area, but bold is not always best. When it comes time to sell, keep it neutral using light gray, white, cream, pale blue or mint green if you would prefer having some colour.
The bedrooms are the most forgiving rooms to add colour. We do not advise you to go crazy and paint each bedroom hot pink, but you can certainly opt to use a different colour in each. Before painting each room, we would recommend you identify how much light each gets throughout the day. The darker the room, the lighter the colour should be. This is certainly helpful when it comes time to take professional photos because the rooms will look brighter.
Blue is currently the most popular colour choice for bedrooms. There are a variety of different shades and hues to choose from. That being said, a light grey, lilac or cream would also make an excellent, more neutral choice.
Bathrooms are another great place to add shades of blue. Lighter shades will help make even the smallest space appear bigger and create a relaxing environment. And if that sounds like too much blue for you, go with a taupe, seafoam green, white, or jade.
Living Room / Family Rooms
If you are painting to sell, these are two rooms that you should paint simple. Buyers would prefer whites, creams, beiges or a light grey. They are universal colours that will match with whatever furniture a buyer brings in.
Our last tip for painting a house before you list is to give some attention to your ceilings, trims and any window frames. These are areas that may go untouched for years and might have some imperfections. Of course, if you do not consider yourself a great painter, consider hiring someone to help specifically with the main floor.

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