The Benefits Of Purchasing A Property With A Backyard

By: Joshua Campbell

The Benefits Of Purchasing A Property With A Backyard

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Many people regularly speak of the benefits of living in a small apartment in the city: minimal home upkeep, no lawn to mow, close proximity to all the city amenities, and the right amount of space. Sound nice?  Maybe for some.  But no backyard at all is probably not as ideal as you once thought after you read these benefits of having a backyard to call your own:

  1. Saves Money - from having lots of space to grow your own vegetables to being able to set up a backyard play area for the kids, there are a lot of ways in which owning property can actually save you money.  Yes, you read that right – you don’t have to spend that much to own more!  Planting some of your own food will allow you to spend less at the grocery store and say hello to your topped-up bank account thanks to the savings from all those trips driving around town for produce.  You will also have lush lawns which keeps the area cooler, and we all know from this past summer that any cooling down option is welcome!  When you are surrounded by grass and trees, they deflect more of the sun’s heat making it easier for you to stay cool in your home during the hot summer months and saving you money on electricity costs.  Let’s also not forget about how beautiful and cost-effective it is to have natural light, and to see green out of your window instead of just staring out at a high rise building.  
  2. Family Friendly - picture this: kids playing in the backyard on the swing set, a space set for a game of family croquet, and a sizzling BBQ going on the expansive back deck.  Having a backyard space allows you to set this idyllic scene and offers more family bonding time.  And whatever allows the kids to get along and play together nicely is good news, right?
  3. Increases Home Value - let’s be serious, who would complain about the ability to make more money?  You may be surprised to learn that it may not be significantly more expensive to purchase a larger rural property compared to a city option, and in the long term, you can make some money! Buying property with a backyard that has a home you can build on to, adding significant landscaping, or putting in a detached garage are all means to increase the value of your home and land.  In a few years when you are ready to sell, it will be an investment that pays off and you can sit back and enjoy the view from your real dream property.

If you are ready to get out of the city and find a bigger property with backyard access, or are simply interested in the options available to you, it’s time to get serious about selling.
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