Tall Fences Make Good Neighbours

By: Joshua Campbell

Tall Fences Make Good Neighbours

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Whether you are trying to keep something in or something out, a good fence is no stranger to the neighbourhood landscape.  In this day and age, fences not only map out property boundaries, they also keep our loved ones safe.  Whether that means protecting our children from neighbouring swimming pools, keeping visiting dogs out or providing a safe place for the children to play while you prepare dinner.  Let’s also not forget that it will deter unwanted individuals from breaking into your sheds.
Now that we all agree that a fence has more positives than negatives, why do we hear so many disputes regarding them?  The simple fact is that more conversations need to happen with our neighbours and more care needs to be taken in planning. Here are some things to keep in mind if you will be installing a fence on your property.

  1. Break Out The Old Paperwork
    Often, when you purchase a home, it comes with a survey, showing the property lines and any easements on your property.  This is probably the most important document you need when considering a fence installation!  If you did not receive one and wish to track it down, you would be surprised how easy it can be to find by going online and searching for it.
  2. Make Sure You and The Neighbours Are In Agreement
The majority of time your neighbours will be in agreement about a fence being installed or replaced.  It is also rare that a neighbour does not want to take part…although it does happen and we will get to that in a moment.  When you go to discuss fencing with the neighbours, make sure that everyone agrees on the height, the material to be used and the contractor to install it.  This will ensure that everyone will enjoy a uniform look. 
Now you might be thinking, wait Knowledge Broker, you mentioned that sometimes neighbours do not all agree to install a fence at all, let alone what it will look like.  What then?  Well, most people have two concerns if one neighbour is digging their heels in.  Sometimes, the first concern is whether you can still choose the style you wanted but usually the biggest concern is sharing the cost.  This is when you MUST do your own research and speak to your municipality regarding fencing by-laws.  The majority of municipalities will make the non-conforming neighbour liable for half the cost of a basic chain link fence and no more than that.  You must also find out where you can install your fence - on the property line or entirely on your property?  Most homeowners do not begrudge the loss of 6” of property in exchange for getting the fence style they wanted.
  1.  Fence Is Up But at What Cost?

Above all else, be nice. If you are worried about the grouchy guy behind your house, just remember that you catch more flies with honey! (Even if he’s the reason for the fence in the first place ;) )  Always remember, you have to live here and installing a fence should not turn into a neighbourhood war!  Now more than ever, our neighbourhoods are getting tighter and tighter so try your best to make the best of it!
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