Spot Roof Leaks BEFORE you sell

By: Joshua Campbell

Spot Roof Leaks BEFORE you sell

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There’s nothing worse than selling your home and finding out the buyer’s inspection revealed a roof leak.  The result of this could be either losing the deal, or losing money on your offer!  As a homeowner preparing to sell, due diligence is paramount when it comes to prepping your home to sell.  Would you sell your car without ever looking under the hood?  Inspecting your roof before putting your home on the market is just plain smart.  Here are a few things you can do as a homeowner that will ensure no leaky roof surprises when your home is inspected by the buyer.

Examine Your Attic

After a big storm or heavy rainfall is the perfect time to visually inspect your attic.  Make sure that it is soon after the rain has stopped, or after it has been raining for a long period of time.  Make sure to bring a very bright flashlight.  Inspect any corners or peaks and look for any signs of pooling water, wet insulation or discoloration on the roof sheathing.

Examine the Outside of Your Roof

It is also important to see what shape the roof is in on the outside, particularly with regards to the shingles.  If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, inspect visually from the ground, looking for missing or damaged shingles.  If these are present, make sure you have a company come in to repair the roof.  It is relatively inexpensive to do a repair job as opposed to replacing the entire roof.

Get a Professional Inspection

At Knowledge Broker, we would never encourage you to go walking around on your roof.  Leave that to a professional!  If you suspect a leak, have a professional inspect it.  The inspector can examine the flashing, any vulnerable intersections in the roof and check for soft spots which would indicate rotting wood underneath.
Very few things cause more damage to a home than a persistent leak.  They don’t just affect the aesthetics of the home but they can lead to mold, structural damages, and even fire if water were to come into contact with an electrical connection. If you’ve inspected your roof and found that you need a repair, we would be happy to recommend a fantastic company to assist you.
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