Selling My First House

By: Joshua Campbell

Selling My First House

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This week I am looking back at the first house I ever sold. At 24 I was a fresh face in the real estate game. I was nervous, excited and ready to start my career. My first clients were my friend and his parents who owned the house with him. His parents had known me for a long time but definitely took a risk when deciding to sign with me, a new agent. The four of us worked well together and in no time at all, I got their house sold. I learned a lot from my first sale that I have been able to carry with me throughout the years.
The biggest mistake I ever made was showing up to our preliminary meeting hungover. The night before their son and I went out for drinks and stayed out later than we probably should have. At 38, I look back on that night and realize my errors and the professional risk I put myself in.

The thing I learned and urge every new real estate agent to master is preparation. Although hungover I arrived at that meeting with all their documents, contracts, plans etc and pitched to them perfectly. There is nothing worse than a real estate agent or broker who isn’t prepared. Even though they were my friend’s parents they did not go easy on me, asking me loads of questions just like any client would. I can safely say that I have never made that mistake again and I hope you never do.
I am still proud of that sale 14 years later. I still carry a photocopy of my first commission cheque and the responsibility to always give my clients 100%. There are three things I want you to take away from my story. One: always be prepared. Two: never go out the night before a client meeting. Three: whether it is your family, your friend’s family or complete strangers, treat every client meeting like it is your one and only. In this industry, you need to prove why you are the best and why your clients should choose to work with you every day. It is also best to not rely on your reviews to speak for you - YOU must demonstrate every time that you are the best person for the job!

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