Selling Kills The Morning Routine

By: Joshua Campbell

Selling Kills The Morning Routine

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When getting ready to sell your home, there is a lot to consider. One factor of selling that seems to get overlooked is what will you do with your morning routine?  Most people have pretty structured mornings.  We get up, feed the dog, make kid’s school lunches, get ready for work, get everyone out the door and then somehow start our day.  Nowhere in that routine does it say, ‘make all beds in a hotel fashion, open all blinds and vacuum the entire house.’  These are the habits of a highly effective seller, so in an effort to put your best presentation forward, they need to become a priority before you leave the house in order to successfully sell your home.  Here are some tips to consider making your mornings run smoothly and ensure you still don’t miss out on that relaxing morning coffee!

  1. Delegate. 
 If there are other people living in the house with you, divide the morning tasks that are necessary to prep the home for a day of showings.  Make sure that everyone has a job!  One could be responsible for opening all the blinds, turning on lights, making beds, or making sure all toilet bowl lids are down.  Someone else could be responsible for vacuuming while another person takes care of any animal droppings outside.
  1. Clean As You Go. 
Don’t leave any dishes in the sink overnight.  Make sure to wipe out the sinks and wipe down the kitchen counters before bed.  You don’t want that waiting for you first thing in the morning along with everything else there is to do!
  1. Make More Time.

We all love our sleep but giving yourself even just an extra 15 minutes each morning would guarantee that you have a smooth and more relaxing morning instead of rushing around trying to fit all the tidying into the same timeframe as you would usually allow yourself.  That way you can still savour your coffee J
Nobody said that being a seller is easy!  You can greatly increase your enjoyment and positivity of the experience by doing all you can to simplify the process!
At Knowledge Broker, we are here to guide you in the selling process and make sure that your morning prep for the house is only what is necessary!  If you have questions about what needs to be done each day when your home is for sale, reach out to us!
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