Real Estate Is Not For Everyone

By: Joshua Campbell

Real Estate Is Not For Everyone

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Becoming a real estate agent is a potential career opportunity that is considered by many ambitious people. I myself was one of those people just over 15 years ago. During the time that I have been a Realtor, I have seen many highly successful agents enter the industry, however, I have seen far more unsuccessful ones leave. Those who are successful seem to have a key thing in common, how they handle rejection.  
Picture yourself in high school building up the courage to ask your dream date to prom. You have given yourself a pep talk, you bought flowers, your friends believe in you, everything seems to be going well. You walk up to your crush and you ask the question. Your heart is racing but in one quick second they say “no”. Your crushed, embarrassed and defeated.
To duplicate this as a real estate scenario, imagine a potential client contacting you because they want to sell their house. You spend hours talking to them, planning their strategy, customizing a marketing plan and even offering to pay for their professional staging yourself. A day later you receive an email from them saying they have decided to go with a different agent. How do you handle this?
One agent might blame them, another might blame themselves, another might think we just weren’t the right fit. 

Rejection is something all of us will experience in our careers and our personal lives. To be a successful agent you need to not only be able to handle rejection but also interpret it and understand it no differently from the way you achieve success. You need to take it in stride and learn how you could have done better. Perhaps it was your pitch, your marketing plan or the pace in which you spoke to the homeowners. Or maybe you just did not listen to their needs. Whatever the answer might be, it is important to analyze your experience and think about what you could have done differently in the process.
If you aren’t the type of person who can handle rejection I highly suggest looking for a different career. Real estate is a rollercoaster, lots of highs, lots of lows combined with a lot of twists and turns. If you do decide to pursue real estate as a career, be sure to ride the coaster all the way to the end because there is success if you are patient. Embrace that and you will make a great agent, succumb to it and you will struggle.
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