Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Condo

By: Joshua Campbell

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Condo

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Buying a condo can be a great option if you desire a low hassle property near fun amenities and activities. In cities or towns, they can be a great way to be close to everything. But before you buy, you should ask your real estate agents some questions about the property and unit. Here is a list of questions to ask and why.
What To Ask About The Condo Building
#1 – Is the lobby safe and secure? When walking home at night, you’ll like to know that there is proper security at the front door and that random people are unable to walk in off the street.
#2 – Is there a front desk concierge? If not, how will I get my deliveries? In the age of Amazon Prime, it’s vital to know how to get your packages delivered safely. 
#3 – What amenities are nearby? Amenities such as grocery stores, parks, and gyms, are great to know about, but you should ask about places like schools, religious buildings, restaurants and bars. At certain times of the day or night, there might be heavier than usual traffic on the streets and sidewalks.
#4 – What kind of visitor parking is available? In highly populated cities, parking is sparse. When guests visit, you will want to know exactly where they can and cannot park.
#5 – What is the reputation of the builder and the property management company? Investigate what other condominiums they have built and how they have aged. Look into how the condo is proactive against bugs and pests and how long the current manager has been in charge.
#6 – What is the average age and lifestyle of the other owners? For example, if you are in your mid-twenties planning on working from home, we would advise against moving into a building with primarily families with children. They will probably disturb you during the day, and you’ll probably disturb them at night.
#7 – What kind of on-site amenities are there? Most of this information you will read on the listing. But double-check when you visit and ask if you can see each facility.
#8 – How clean are the common areas? This will give you a great idea of how well cared for and cleaned each space is. Especially in the post-Covid age, cleanliness is crucial.
#9 – What are the Airbnb rules in the building? Some condos are Airbnb friendly, but others are not. If you plan on renting your unit, you need to ask this question.
What To Ask About The Unit
#1 – How might the view change? Ask your agent to investigate any vacant lots or under-construction buildings that could obstruct your view.
#2 – Can you hear or smell your neighbours? Sound travels but so does smell. Before you buy, you will want to know that your neighbours often forget to take out the trash or have loud dogs.
#3 – In what condition are the appliances? Ask your real estate agent how old each machine is and have they been recently repaired or damaged in any way.
#4 – What kind of heating and air conditioning systems are in the condo? When the changing of the seasons happens, you will be glad you asked this question. Inquire about the age of the system, its energy-efficient rating, and are the costs included in your maintenance fees.
#5 – Where does the sun rise and set? Learn how much light your condo will receive every day.
#6 – Does the unit include parking and a private locker? If so, find out where they are both located in the building.
#7 – What is the internet and cell service like in the building? Make sure to test your phone’s cell service and data usage inside the unit.
#8 – What can be changed? Some condo boards have strict rules about renovations, and if you are planning on making significant ones, you need to ask beforehand.
Your real estate agent will give you the facts about condo fees, maintenance, rules and restrictions. If they don’t, you have four more questions to ask! If you have any more questions about buying a condo, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to point you in the right direction.

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