Productive Things To Do During Quarantine

By: Joshua Campbell

Productive Things To Do During Quarantine

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It has been over a month since the Ontario government asked us to start social distancing and stay home. During that month, we expect a lot of people have caught up on their favourite Netflix shows, tried out some new hobbies, and spent time with family. But if we are going to be in quarantine for another month, maybe it’s time to start doing something impactful to you and your growth. Here are 5 productive activities to keep your mind stimulated and constantly learning.  
Learn A New Language 
Are you ready to master French? Or are you dreaming of a trip to Spain and want to give Spanish a try? Either way, take this downtime to learn a new language. Our favourite platform to use is Duolingo. It’s free and offers a variety of languages to choose from such as French, Spanish or Japanese. You could also go for a different approach and try your hand at Sign language
Register For Webinars 
Whether in your field or something you are interested in, there are loads of daily webinars to check out. Our advice is to start by looking at your favourite websites or online programs you use. Webinars are free and full of helpful information. 
Take A Free Online Class
Created by Harvard and MIT, EDX is an incredible website that offers free classes from some of the top universities around the world. Have you ever wanted to enrol in a Harvard class? Or maybe the University of Queensland? Each course ranges from weekly duration, total length and academic level. Some even offer a verified certificate for a price. This is an incredible way to continue your education at your own pace. 
Plan You Text Trip Virtually 
With all this time inside it’s no wonder why some of us are dreaming about where to escape to next. To jumpstart your curiosity, explore the world virtually. Click here to visit France, Africa, and China. Some websites offer free videos, aerial shots and 360 panoramic views of the areas. 
Plant an Indoor Garden 
Nothing screams productivity like gardening! Take this time indoors to plant a walled garden or a potted garden. As the weather gets warmer you can start expanding to fruits and vegetables but for now, start with herbs. They will only take minutes out of your day to maintain. 
We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy during these troubling times. It is our responsibility to do our part and stay home. Enjoy this downtime by expanding your horizons and learn something new. 
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