Prepping To Sell: Curb Appeal

By: Joshua Campbell

Prepping To Sell: Curb Appeal

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The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers see when they drive up.  It is important to ensure that they are looking at a well maintained and tidy home.  Consider these projects to perk up the front of your home also known as ‘curb appeal’ before that sign goes on the front lawn!

1. Driveway Maintenance:  Check out the condition of your driveway.  If it’s asphalt and looks a little rough and bumpy, there are tons of local companies that will come and give it a fresh and uniform coat, giving it a clean and updated look.  If you have an interlock driveway, consider spending some time levelling the bad parts, pull any weeds and top up the sand between the blocks to make it look as nice as possible without redoing it all.
2. Exterior lighting:  A house can look very different with some small changes to the outdoor lighting.  First, go around the exterior and make sure that all light fixtures are in good working order.  Second, if any are older brass carriage lights, consider painting them black before replacing.  Third, select some accent lighting for the garden which can bring an inviting element to your home!  This can easily be achieved with small flood lamps or well-placed solar lights. 
3. Lawn Maintenance:  The lawn maintenance you choose to do on your property will vary slightly depending on the time of year you are selling.  If it’s not winter, over seeding ahead of time is always a good thing.  Your lawn will look thick and lush, plus seed helps choke out the weeds!  Give your lawn a good rake to clean up any old leaves, tree branches and liven the grass up.  If you are a pet owner and have “dog pee spots” on your lawn, take up the dead grass and seed if you have time otherwise pop in a piece of sod.  Lastly, be sure to water your lawn regularly so that it does not dry out invite dandelions in. 
4. Garden Maintenance: Freshen up the garden by pulling weeds, cutting back any over grown plants and adding a richly coloured mulch that compliments your house colour. For added weed protection, you can lay down burlap under the wood chips to keep the weeds at bay. 
5. Front Door and Front Steps: Ensure that your front steps are clear of any debris and are in good condition (meaning no cracks or hazards to trip on).  If your steps are interlock, be sure that they are evenly leveled and secure. Your front entrance is a very important piece when it comes to presentation and first impressions.  It can even play on one’s emotions.  If the Front door is looking a bit shabby, give it a fresh coat of paint.  Consider using a bold colour that compliments your house colour.  We also recommended that you hang a wreath or decoration that is seasonally appropriate.
6. Backyard and deck: Similar to your front yard, your back yard should be well maintained.  If you have a garden shed that will be remaining with the house, make sure the space around it is clear and there is no clutter inside or out.  If the paint is looking tired, consider a fresh coat of a neutral colour.  Do you have a deck or patio or both?  Be sure that they are in good repair, free of all weeds and no broken deck boards or handrails.
How you keep the exterior of your home will tell a prospective Buyer a lot about your pride of ownership which goes a long way for appealing to multiple buyers.
If you would like any more tips on how you can get maximum curb appeal for your home, get in touch with us now! 
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