Post COVID-19 Home Designs

By: Joshua Campbell

Post COVID-19 Home Designs

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“Stay home.” 
This phrase sums up 2020 thus far. It has become a staple in everyone’s vocabulary across the nation. This message is persistent, unavoidable, and will most likely be around for at least the remainder of the year.
However, this was not always the message. Before, everyone was told to not stay home. Go to work. Go to school. And of course, attend social gatherings. It affected your social status if you did otherwise. With this global health outbreak changing our ‘normal life,’ we may be staying home more in the future.
What does this mean for the future of designing our homes? We know that this is not the last pandemic. So, working from home, online learning, online shopping, and virtual meetings may continue even after restrictions ease.
As we adapt to the new changes, we will have to ensure our home’s design adapts to the new changes too. Home office spaces may become a staple in building designs. There potentially may be more bathrooms if everyone is working from home. Solar panels may be a popular choice since homeowners will be using more energy. Some people even may want larger homes to accommodate this. Larger lots may be in demand as they offer more outdoor space to social distance.
If you are going to be at home more often than not, you need a space that works for you.

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