Move Your Home Office Outside

By: Joshua Campbell

Move Your Home Office Outside

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Summer is here at last. Who wants to spend it cooped up inside your house? If you are working from home this season, make the most of it with fresh air, natural lighting and floral smells. Here are 4 easy steps to move your office to the backyard. 

  1. Find Shade 
Direct sunlight on your laptop screen is a no go. It is difficult to see your screen, strains your eyes and drains your laptop battery much quicker. To combat this, you have a few options. If you are lucky enough to have a big beautiful tree set up shop under that. If not buy, an umbrella or better yet a canopy gazebo. This way you will have full coverage all day long. 
  1. Buy Some Furniture  
All you really need is a 4-person table and a comfortable chair. Buy some weather-resistant outdoor furniture and a comfy seat cushion. You might also like to invest in tech-friendly gear like a laptop stand, portable keyboard, or a larger monitor. 
  1. Connect to Electricity  
The last thing you want is to be running back into the house every few hours to plug in your laptop. Order an extension cord and a power strip online. Make sure before you buy that the extension cord has enough plug holes to fit your laptop charger. Connect one end to your house the other to your laptop and you are good to work. 
  1. Indulge A Little 

Here are a few more things you can add to your outdoor office. 
- A fan 
- A portable Bluetooth speaker 
- Noise-cancelling headphones 
- A Solar Panel light 
- WIFI Extender 
We hope this inspires you to take the office outside this summer and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you don’t have the space for an outdoor office and you want one, maybe it is time for a move? Get in touch with us and let's help you find the perfect backyard. 
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