More Than What You Need

By: Joshua Campbell

More Than What You Need

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With higher home prices and stricter lending rules, we find ourselves at Knowledge Broker talking to our clients about their needs (not their wants) ...their actual needs…and the consensus is that larger homes with the big walk-in closets are just that, want not a need!  So many folks have told us that their walk-in closet is half empty.  They tell us that the top two shelves within their extended height kitchen cabinetry are empty.  They tell us that half the basement and the cold storage are empty. Somewhere along the way, we started creating excess space and then we bought stuff to fill it.  “Storage solutions” like fabric cubes and wicker storage boxes with cute chalkboard fronts are all fashionable ways to hide our excess belongings and fill the space we don’t really need.
Now, I know you’re thinking, wait, KB; I refuse to live as a minimalist!  Well, it’s not about living minimally at all.  It’s about living…and buying smart!  The huge walk-in closets, excess storage space and kitchen cabinetry all come with a cost.  These are usually found in larger homes than what you need and always come with a larger price tag.  With low housing prices of the early 2000’s gone, we must begin to understand not only living within our means but within our NEEDS.
I always say that you don’t have to look for the house that’s a 10.  You can buy a house that’s a 7 and spend time making it a 10. 
Moreover, there are more valuable things to spend your house shopping dollars on.  How about a bigger premium lot?  Not only is the lot size something you can’t change, but the return on a big yard is also much more than a big closet.   Instead of buying the largest house in the neighbourhood, buy the smaller one that reaps the benefit of the larger values around it.  At the end of the day, you can only spend as much as you can spend but HOW you spend it is up to you!
Do you have empty closets?  Too much-wasted space?  Contact us to talk about making a move!

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