Make Your Move Out of Province Smoother

By: Joshua Campbell

Make Your Move Out of Province Smoother

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Are you relocating for work or for a better location? Making a move from Ontario to Nova Scotia? How about Quebec to Ontario?  Whatever way you are going and for whatever reason, you have a very big move ahead. Before you make a big provincial move there are many details you need to consider in order to make it a smooth transition. These are the three most important things you need to remember.

  1. Where Will I Buy My New House? 
Before you move, we would recommend you find a place to live in. If you plan on bringing furniture and personal belongings you will not want those things sitting in a truck for a month while you find a home. If you are moving for work obviously you can narrow your search to areas around the new job. If you are moving for a better location, you probably have your eye on an area or two. Contact a local real estate in that area who can give you a virtual tour of the region, give your ongoing marketplace updates and a list of the local amenities.
  1. How Will I Move My Stuff?
If you are making a move to a new province you need to first decide what to keep and what to leave behind. If you are virtually buying a house (sight unseen) you will need to ask your real estate agent for dimensions of each room. This way you can make an educated decision about what you can take with you. Now to actually move your stuff you have a few options.
#1 Rent a Moving Truck: You pack it up and drive it across the country. This is the most cost-effective but most time-consuming option.
#2 Hire a Moving Company: They will take care of the packing and delivery.  However, they tend to charge more for heavy items, disassembling items and fragile items. This is a more expensive option but if time is a concern for you, we highly recommend you hire a company.
#3 Use A Moving Container: You pack it, they ship it. It is just that simple. For the service provided the cost is very reasonable. You are in full control of your move and can decide what fits and what doesn’t. Once you’re packed call the company and they will deliver right to your new front door.
  1. Who Do I Need To Tell I’m Leaving? 

When you are planning on leaving the province the most important people to notify are the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transportation, Canada Post and Elections Canada. You will need to switch your health care plan, get a new driver’s licence, redirect your mail and register to vote in your new province.
You will also need to notify your doctors, dentists and any other medical professional. You will need to obtain your medical records and a list of prescriptions you are currently on. If you are moving with kids notify their schools and get copies of their records. You might also like to notify your bank in case the move will impact your day to day banking.
If you have any more questions regarding moving out of province or moving into Ontario please give us a call. We would be happy to give you pointers and advice.
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