Make Your Home Airbnb Ready

By: Joshua Campbell

Make Your Home Airbnb Ready

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Whether a basement apartment, private room or an entire house; renting on Airbnb is a great way to make some extra money. Before posting your space think about what people are looking for or what your guests will enjoy. The more enticing your space, the more you can ask for it. Here are my three tips for making a book worthy Airbnb.

Pick a Design
The most important factor of your Airbnb is the design and functionality. Spend time and money designing the interior to be clean, modern and simple. Even if it is not your style, remember this is not your space! If you want to wow your guests, create a stand out feature. This could be a creative mural, an Instagram-able backyard or a reading nook. The goal is to make people wish they could live there.
Remove Personal Trinkets
Your family photos, toys, valuables, aren’t what strangers want to see when they walk into the space. Think about how weird it might be to see photos of a couple you don’t know plastered all over the walls. Remove these personal touches to create the illusion of a neutral area that is adaptable to any guest. 
Make It Move-in Ready
When someone arrives, you want them to be able to maneuver around the space without you. Leave a list of rules, the wifi code, points of interest in the area and instructions for the electronics that guests may have trouble with. Let’s be real, the last thing you want is somebody messaging you on a Friday night asking you what the wifi password is.

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