Make The Most Of The Final Home Walkthrough

By: Joshua Campbell

Make The Most Of The Final Home Walkthrough

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When you are gearing up to purchase a home, it can seem like there is an overwhelming list of things to remember and take care of before the big day. When the day finally arrives, new owners are so eager to just get in the house and take possession that they speed through the final walkthrough, doing a rushed job instead of optimizing its purpose and making sure the home truly is ready to take over.  Too many new owners have bad experiences as a result of not being thorough enough during the final home walkthrough, so check the following when you attend:

  1. Repairs Have Been Completed
    When you completed your home inspection in the early days of purchasing, there may have been problems with the home which you negotiated to have repaired, or stipulations that were agreed upon between you and the seller. The final walkthrough is the time to make sure those requirements were met and that all the necessary work and repairs have been completed to your satisfaction and as per the specifications in the contract.
  2. Everything is Functioning
    It may sound silly, but checking to make sure everything in the home functions is an important part of the final walkthrough.   Flush all the toilets, turn on the taps, check under each tap for possible leaks.  Open and close all doors and windows, switch on the lights, and evaluate systems such as the air conditioner and heating, as applicable, to make sure they cool and heat respectively.  If there is a sump pump, be sure to make sure it is on and working.  While you are in the basement, inspect the hot water heater and ensure there is no visible water or leaks in the house.
  1. The Outside is Acceptable
    Don’t limit your walkthrough and final inspection just to the inside of the home. After a thorough in-house walkthrough, head outdoors and check the gardens, lawns, and general outdoor property area for anything unusual, like missing plants, piles of garbage, or unfinished repairs.  If there is a patio or deck, make sure it is up to par and has no visible damage.

You can think of the last walkthrough as your final chance to work with the seller, address any existing problems in the home, and discuss any outstanding repairs or issues that don’t meet your standards.  While this may seem like a lot of things to focus on, taking advantage of the opportunity will mean you don’t end up with any regrets – or unwanted bills – once you move in.

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