Leaving Your Mark

By: Trish Riswick

Leaving Your Mark

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Have you ever considered what your clients, business partners, or staff say about your company to a family member or friend? How do they speak about the impact of their experience or lack thereof? If you operate on the opinions of others, you have already considered this. If you have not, you should. It’s important to ensure that every interaction is positive as it is reflective of both you and your business. In this week’s podcast, we discuss the various ways that you can leave a great lasting impression.
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The following tips are highlights from this past season. If there is one particular tip that you’d like to learn more about, click on the blue text to watch the corresponding video.

  1. Ask What You Can Do For Them First: Be friendly and eager to assist right from the start. Make sure you acknowledge and greet every individual who contacts your business to make them feel that they matter.  As for online advertising, use targeted ads to find new people based on the personas of your ideal clients. 
  2. Treat Their Goals As Your Reward: Ensure that your client does not feel as if money is your priority. This will assist with fostering stronger client-based relationships.
  3. Be Honest with Them:  Share your highs and lows with your community. While you will have great successes, you are human and you will make mistakes.
  4. Check-In with People: Maintain communication, whether on a business or personal level, as it will demonstrate how much you care for the people in your community. 
  5. Address Fears, Needs and Motivation: Listen to what people are truly saying and look for opportunities to help.  It is also wise to respond in the same tone and volume.
  6. Encourage People: Motivate others to go after their passion. This is especially advised if they are purchasing a service or piece of equipment from you. Let them know that they will always have your full support.

Through consideration of these tips, you can change how your company is portrayed and the lasting impressions you have on people. 
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