Leadership In The Workplace

By: Trish Riswick

Leadership In The Workplace

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In every workplace, there needs to be a leader but that doesn’t mean leaders can’t be found within the members of your team. They may not run the company but could host meetings, coordinate events or manage a department. The point being, each of us has the potential to demonstrate leadership through contribution, volunteering or communication. This week on the podcast we dissect how to become and what it means to be an effective leader and the signs of a poor one.
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What Does It Take to Be an Effective Leader?
Communication is the strongest skill a leader should possess. This does not mean strong speaking skills but the ability to listen and relay messages for whom they represent. The leader is always keeping the conversation of the group moving and making sure everyone is heard. Often times we see leaders as the “popular” figure of the collection but that is not always the case. The leader should be the individual who best represents the group and listens to their peers to take the collaborative stance of everybody.
Signs Of A Poor Leader
Everyone can develop the ability of leadership but it is a hard skill to learn. It takes patience, respect and a level head. Often, we see individuals in leadership positions that shouldn’t be.  Most have qualities such as these:

The overarching link between all of these is that poor leaders are selfish and only speak for themselves. Great leaders want the best for and out of their team. They never care about the collective and understand the rising of a tide. A leader who only thinks about themselves can’t have a successful business…for long.
Questions to Ask Yourself
Even if you do not identify with one of these qualities, check-in from time to time to make sure you are still being an effective leader. Ask yourself these questions to recognize if the business culture you are creating is still motivating and stimulating. This is another great opportunity to ask your team or employees for their feedback regarding your performance.
Continuing A Great Business Culture
In our opinion, there are five pillars to creating a great culture in your business. These pillars are; communication, positivity, motivation, independence and commitment. The pillars embody many elements of what a healthy and successful culture looks like. To maintain an excellent level of leadership, see if any of the pillars need more attention.

These are just a few ways you can improve your leadership skills and relationships within your team.
As we stated earlier,  we believe that everyone has the ability to be a leader in their own right. Not every leader will wear the title of a typical leader (ex. CEO, boss, manager etc) but they deserve the respect of one. Leadership is a challenging role that makes you vulnerable. For many people, this places them outside their comfort zones. As much as this specific blog is about how to be a good leader, it’s also about being a good teammate.  Always remember, respect goes both ways.
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