Killing Your Comfort Zone

By: Trish Riswick

Killing Your Comfort Zone

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We need to kill our comfort zones before they kill us. It’s as simple as that. Comfort zones are ambition killers that keep our businesses and lives static. On our podcast this week, we discuss how to break out of them, what the positive outcomes are and why you need to do this sooner rather than later. As always you can listen here or read on to see highlights from this week's episode. 
What is it About Comfort Zones That Kill Business and Us? 
Comfort zones are like a bad relationship - you don’t realize you’re in one until you’re out. They stunt our growth and can keep us in a bad routine. In business, comfort zones are very dangerous as they do not allow us to adapt to current trends. Businesses require growth and development otherwise they become stale for their employees and clients. 
In our personal lives, comfort zones keep us from becoming well-rounded individuals. They can keep you repeating the same bad habits and filling your time with meaningless activities. New experiences allow us to see the world in a bigger picture. By repeating patterns, our picture remains small and eventually, the colour will fade. At the end of our lives, we don’t want to pass with any regrets or unfulfilled dreams. 
6 Tips for Killing Your Comfort Zone 
Noticing yourself or your business at a standstill? It’s likely because you’ve been in your comfort zone longer than you think. These are our 6 tips for killing your comfort zone and jumpstarting your stalled career. 

  1. Start Slow By Changing Your Daily Routine
It could be changing the way you get ready or how you get to work. Start small by introducing new patterns to your brain. You will start to find the days that you introduce new stimulation become more exciting or productive.
  1. Slow Down or Speed Up
If you’re the type of person who makes rash decisions, try slowing down. If you make a lot of calculated plans, try making more in the moment choices. By making yourself uncomfortable in this small way you are pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. 
  1. Fake it Until Your Feel it 
Some people have a hard time feeling like they belong in certain places. Usually, it is because of insecurities. So a quick fix is to fake it. If you look like you belong people will not give you a second look. This will help with your confidence and you’ll start to notice you are no longer scared.  
  1. Give Up Control
In work or in our personal lives - giving up control (especially if you are a control freak) is scary. Hiring out a new position or asking for help around the house is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Be vulnerable and share responsibility. This will also allow you more time for you to try new things. 
  1. Revisit Your Greatest Accomplishments 
How did it feel when you accomplished your biggest goal? Chase that feeling again to help push you to your next achievement. It will require even more courage, but the end goal will feel amazing. 
  1. Ask Yourself: What Is The Worst That Can Happen? 

That’s literally it. What is the worst thing that can happen when we try something new? Fail. And that’s not even that scary if you really think about it.  
Benefits Of Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone? 
When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the feeling is amazing, yet the overall benefits are even better. You may start to notice things in your daily life, your attitude or confidence start to change. Here are a few more ways how breaking from your comfort zone can be truly beneficial to you and your business. 
Introducing new things into your work and life routine will stimulate your mind and encourage growth. You will be excited to learn new skills and see what the outcomes are. In your business, motivating your employees to seek new opportunities will impact their work and the company tremendously 
Boost Your Creativity 
Those who are stuck in their comfort zones are no longer thinking creatively. They are reusing familiar ideas that have worked in the past. These are not the people who think of the future and how to adapt to it. 
You’ll Find New Skills 
How are you going to learn anything new with the skills you already have? Expand your current knowledge into new areas and find new opportunities. You may start to discover you have a flair for things you have never tried before. 
You’ll Find New Passions 
What you are passionate about now is likely not the same as ten years ago. With that in mind, what your passionate about right now likely won’t be there in another ten years. Getting out of your comfort zone encourages you to discover new passions or new places to take your passions. 
Now it is okay to return to your comfort zone every now and again. For quick little visits but nothing long term. Remember this can be like a bad relationship so treat it like one. The bottom line is we have one life to make exciting things happen. In business, do not push the potential to the side to repeat the same old patterns. In your personal life, explore new avenues and spark your curiosities. Be courageous today and every day in order to stimulate your brain and challenge yourself in new and exciting ways. 
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