How Trees Grow Value

By: Joshua Campbell

How Trees Grow Value

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We all know the environmental benefits of trees and their impact on air quality but are you aware of the impact they have on the value of your home?
Season Benefits
A carefully planted tree can impact your home quality in the Summer and the Winter. In Summer when trees are in full bloom, they provide shade, making your house easier to keep your house cool. A useful tip to consider is planting a tree that shades your air conditioning unit to provide even more efficiency in cooling your home. Trees that cover windows and roofs reduce the solar radiation that also warms your home. This is why in the Winter, the trees that are bare let in more sun to help heat your house. Lastly, having trees around your home will also help deflect some of the harsh winter winds.
Buyer’s Love Landscape
Trees create peaceful and attractive spaces to play, relax and work. They also provide privacy from your neighbours, cut noise and help protect you from unpredictable weather. Houses with more privacy will sell faster as they tend to impress buyers before they even walk in the house. Don’t forget that properties with mature trees also tend to sell for more than those without. A professionally designed landscape could not only suit your needs but future home buyers as well.
Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is super important when you go to sell. Having a property with mature trees will not only attract more buyers but demand higher sale prices. Before you start designing, consult a local arborist or landscaper about the types of trees and flowers to plant in your yard. If you aren’t a green thumb, make sure you do your research into how certain trees grow over time and what type of care they will need. Lastly, remember that trees do take a while to grow, so start planting as soon as possible to see the returns!

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