How To Use Your Creative Mind

By: Trish Riswick

How To Use Your Creative Mind

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Creativity is a tool that all of us have access to. Some are better at using it than others but everyone can be creative. It does not stem from how skilled you are as an artist or musician. It is a muscle that needs to be strengthened in everything you do. This week on the Knowledge Broker Podcast, we teach you how to access your creative mind. 
As always, you can listen here or read on to see some of the highlights from our discussion. 
Where to Start 
The best place to start is within yourself. To be creative, you must open your mind to new possibilities. Ones where you can create, fix or change. You also need to allow yourself the ability to fail and make mistakes. Once you have opened yourself to these possibilities it will be much easier to be creative. 
Another way to jumpstart your creativity is through group work. More minds will equal more answers. Working in small groups huddles or brainstorming sessions will allow for ideas to flow freely without judgement. You will be able to ask questions and flush out full concept ideas. 
How to Boost Your Creativity? 
If you feel that your creativity has lulled, it is probably because you have not used your creativity in quite some time. You must understand that to be more creative, you need to make small changes to your life. These five tips will help you boost your creativity and demonstrate how easy they are to practice every day. 

  1. Mindful Observation  
There is a lot of information around us and it is easy for us to become distracted by all the noise and chaos. In each industry, there is a lot of traffic and it is easy for our insecurities to assume our ideas have already been seen. But the trick to combating these insecurities and noise to just observe them. 
Start by just becoming more aware of what types of content, information or ideas are around you. You do not need to engage in them or write them down but just notice and observe them. Once you are aware, you will be able to start connecting dots and noticing where the holes are.
For example, in real estate, you see a lot of similar marketing techniques but when you really stop and notice, you can see the areas where not a lot of people our touching. For us, at Knowledge Broker, we did not see anyone doing a podcast in our area. Now we are at episode 7 and with further plans to expand into the community. 
  1. Change Your Environment
We talked about this idea last week when it came to finding your perfect job. For this tip though, it can be as simple as working from a café, taking a walk in the park or going to the cottage for a few days. 
By changing your environment, you are opening yourself up to new possibilities and experiences. You might overhear a conversation that sparks an idea or a question you need answering. You might also have a conversation with a stranger that you would not have otherwise had if you had stayed in the office.  
Allow your brain to explore new avenues. You might find unique areas where you work best or environments that spark the most creativity. 
  1. Engage In Your Curiosities  
If there is something that interests you, research it. If there is something you are dying to try, do it! Engaging with your curiosities will help you boost your brain and what excites it.  
By doing this you are moving outside your comfort zone and doing something different. In fact, your creative mind is probably sleeping. Wake it up by asking questions, discovering new things and going to new places. 
  1. Meditate  
I find a fantastic way to boost my creativity is by shutting down my brain for a few minutes. I aim for 5 to 10 minutes of quiet reflection using an app called Headspace. Someone talks to you and for a few minutes, it feels like the world has finally slowed down.
Think of meditating like restarting your computer. You are giving yourself some time to reload your thoughts and centre yourself. When I come out of it, my brain can slowly restart and the ideas can keep rolling. 
Meditating is not like taking a nap. You must be aware of your meditation. You are mentally observing what is going on within your own body. You allow your thoughts and feelings to move freely but without engaging with them. You take yourself out of your own head and look at your thoughts straight on. 
  1. Think About the Future 

I use Josh as an example when I say thinking about the future. When Josh likes something or is inspired, he takes a screenshot of it. He then saves the screenshots to a shared folder and once a month we will go through it together. 
This is a simple way to help your brain remember what excited it before. It is easy to reflect upon it the next day as well to see if you still think it is a good idea. The trick is to just capture the moment, revisit it and explore it with your team. 
Closing Thoughts 
The biggest take away is to embrace new opportunities. We are heavily influenced by our surroundings and that’s why it is important to change them from time to time. As you can tell, these tips can be used in your professional and personal life. By making small tweaks to your daily routine, you will be able to strengthen your creativity muscle every single day. 
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