How To Transition Your Pet When Moving

By: Joshua Campbell

How To Transition Your Pet When Moving

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Moving can be stressful especially for our furry friends, who aren’t entirely sure why their home is being packed away. There is going to be a lot going on, from the long drive to new smells and sounds, and the new house in general. So to help make the transition into your new home as simple as possible for your pet, here are 4 easy tips to follow.
#1 Prepare A First Night Box For Your Pet
When getting ready for your first night in your new house you need to pack a First Night Box. The same goes for your pet. You need a box designated for them that includes their toys, bed, food, litter or other items specific to their needs. As soon as you arrive at your new house set up their stuff to let them know you’re staying.
#2 Keep Them Away From The Hustle
Your moving day will come with a lot of commotion and probably a lot of bodies if you have hired the help of a moving crew or nominated your friends to assist. All the different people and noise might cause your pet to become anxious. The best idea is to ask a friend to watch them, keep them outside, or let them stay in a quiet room.
#3 Let Them Ride With You
When the car is loaded and it’s time to move out, make sure your pet is driving with you to the new house. Depending on how they are in the car, you might want to consider putting a blanket over their cage so they can’t see the change of scenery. Or the opposite, you may purchase a seat belt harness for them so they can safely see around them and see you.
#4 Ease Them Into Your New Home
When you have arrived at your destination set up as much of your house as possible before you move your pet in. They will recognize some furniture right away, which will set them at ease. You will also want to keep your pet in a quiet room while you unpack the car and moving truck. If you have a dog, check your backyard gates and once everything has settled take them for a walk around the neighbourhood, so they get used to their new home.
Moving with a pet does not have to be tricky as long as they are kept safe and calm. Always make sure when you have people coming in and out of the house with furniture, that your pet is safely tied up or behind a closed door. The last thing you want is your pet getting loose on your moving day.

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