How To Stage Your Commercial Property

By: Joshua Campbell

How To Stage Your Commercial Property

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Residential sellers will be the first to tell you how important it is to stage your home before you sell. In commercial properties, staging before selling is very uncommon, however there are a lot of proven benefits of staging a commercial property. Staging helps buyers move faster on deals because they can visualize how their future tenants would work in this space. Staging also demonstrates how clean and orderly you have kept your property. The reason people invest in commercials is to make money, so ensure your return with these 4 simple tips, to sell your property with the help of staging.
Create A Dream
Right now you are in control of what your future buyer is seeing. If your past tenants thought the furniture was dated, there were too many cubicles, the breakroom was too small or it was hard to navigate the building, now is the time to change that story. You do not want your future buyer to be able to see the faults in your property. You want to create a dream space that gets buyers excited and motivated to buy. Select comfortable, modern and functional furniture, create a powerful office arrangement, and add warm touches such as plants and artwork.
Stage To Your Buyer
If you have an ideal buyer in mind, stage according to them. For example, if you have an office building in Toronto with multiple private rooms, you might want to tailor it to a multi-team businesses. If you own a plaza in Newmarket, you may stage towards restaurants, boutique shops or small medical businesses.
Keep Things Neutral
You do not need to stage your property using expensive and vibrant furniture, accessories or trinkets. Keep things simple. Stick to a neutral palette whenever possible. Studies have proven that using white, grey and navy appeals to a larger variety of buyers versus bright, bold colours that speak to certain demographics more than others.
Spend Time On The Exterior
Whether you call it staging or upgrading, to sell your property to another investment buyer you will likely need to fix the exterior. Focus on the parking lot and the surrounding landscape. Make sure the parking lot isn’t full of potholes, the lines are repainted, the sidewalk is paved, shrubbery and trees are pruned and flowers are neatly planted.
The goal of staging a commercial property is to demonstrate what your property has to offer. It allows other investment buyers to quickly visualize their future space and helps them envision how they will arrange it for their future tenants. If your future buyer is happy, you’ll be happy too.
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