How To Say Goodbye To Your Home

By: Joshua Campbell

How To Say Goodbye To Your Home

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Whether you are moving out of town or just down the street saying goodbye to your home is sometimes very emotional. This is the place where you spent years building memories and moments you will remember for your entire life. When the time does come for you to move if you are feeling sentimental do these 3 things to properly say goodbye to your home.

  1. Take Photographs
 The best way to capture your home is by eternally capturing it in pictures and videos. You’ve probably heard stories from friends and family who drive by their old homes and don’t recognize them anymore. Avoid this by taking some time before the big move to capture the house the way you want to remember it.
  1. Take Something With You
 If this is the house your kids have grown up in a lot of parents take a door frame or piece of the wall where they marked their kid's height changes. You don’t have to think this big, but some people do take things like their favourite outdoor flowers, lights, curtains or handles from the kitchen. If it means a lot to you don’t leave it behind.
  1. Have A House Cooling Party

Odds are a lot of people have passed through your house over the years. It’s fair to assume that some of your friends and family might miss your home as much as you will. So instead of the popular house-warming party have the reversal, a house cooling party. This way everyone invited can share their favourite memories, stories and enjoy a goodbye toast to your house.
Saying goodbye is hard no matter the circumstance. You might feel like you are losing a little piece of you. So, here is a bonus tip that’s you didn’t hear from us. Write your name or scratch your initials in a discrete and unseen place. Maybe under a shelf, behind a brick, you name it. That way you know a little bit of you will always be there.
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