How To Cut Costs On Your Next Move

By: Joshua Campbell

How To Cut Costs On Your Next Move

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Buying a property can already be a stressful, timely, and costly process. Adding to that stress you have to pack up your life and move. If you are planning a move shortly, here are some key tips to help make the process as smooth as possible while keeping costs budget-friendly.
1.    Available Scheduling

If you can, schedule your move during non-peak periods. Ideally between October and April. The summer season is when many families choose to move because their kids are out of school. Families want to be in their new places before the school year begins in the fall. From the early winter to the early Spring moving companies are readily available and sometimes at discounted rates.
2.    Weigh Your Options

Do some research. Look into whether moving yourself or hiring a company is better for you. Plan ahead, look for promotional offers, discounts and shop around to get the best quote. Our advice is to get at least three quotes because prices can vary drastically among companies.
3.    Hire Yourself

If hiring a moving company doesn’t seem like a good option, have you thought about moving yourself? This is the most cost-effective option. If you have a small vehicle, try renting a truck and get your friends and family to help out. Just read the fine print to ensure you know your mileage allowance and fuel charges and avoid rush hour traffic to minimize fuel loss (and stress)!
4.    Ever Heard of Minimalism?

Depending on the company, movers can charge by the pound and distance. You could end up paying extra for things that you don’t even need to bring. Getting rid of some of your stuff before you move can help you save money. In simple terms: if you won’t be needing it, don’t pay for it.
5.    Stop Buying Supplies

Moving companies can charge fees for packing supplies. So take a look around your house and begin filling up boxes, suitcases, and containers you already have.
6.    Ask questions
Asking questions is the only way to discover the truth about hidden costs that movers might not disclose unless asked. Ask about additional charges for heavy items, repacking, stairs, waiting fees, and any other charges you think may not be included.
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