How To Create A Home Office

By: Joshua Campbell

How To Create A Home Office

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As we head into our fourth month of quarantine a lot of people are still working from home. Now that we know it is possible to do so, post COVID we might be seeing more of a work-from-home trend. That being said, we do not know how long we will have to continue like this so take this time to perfect your home office. Here are 5 tips to help you get started. 

  1. Pick The Perfect Spot  
If you're short on space you’ve probably dedicated the kitchen table to your work area. But even placing a table in front of a window in your bedroom might work better. This way you have a dedicated spot just for work. For those with more space (and maybe kids), you might have to choose between complete silence and isolation or hectic surroundings. Test both spots before you decide on what area to make into an office. 
  1. Give Yourself A View 
If possible opt for a spot with a view, even if it’s just looking at your front yard. The natural sunlight will benefit you and your space. But if the secluded place you’ve picked for yourself doesn’t have a window freshen up the walls with a bright new colour, add a piece of artwork or bring in a few plants to liven up the office. 
  1. Get A Great Chair  
Every great office needs a great chair. One that is comfortable, ergonomic and the right size for your desk. Spend the few extra bucks and shop online for a suitable office chair. 
  1. Light Up Your Space 
Make sure whatever spot you choose to work in has light. Natural light is best but if that isn’t possible, have overhead lighting and a small desk lamp. Your eyes will thank you later. 
  1. Add Personal Touches 

Whatever inspires you, put it into your office. It could be quotes, pictures or small trinkets. Anything to add a little personality to your space is perfect. 
Now it should go without saying that there are a variety of things that can help to make the transition to work from home life a little easier. Things like a larger computer screen, filing cabinets, an unlimited supply of pens or anything else you need to succeed. Take stock of what you need to be your most productive self. 
If you are finding your house does not have the space to make this transition get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you find a house that does. 
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