How To Create A Bug Free Backyard

By: Joshua Campbell

How To Create A Bug Free Backyard

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Outdoor living is at its finest during the hot days of summer. The kids can run around outside, while you enjoy a cocktail from your patio. But as the sun starts to set some unwelcomed guests will show up to disturb the peace. Swarms of flies, mosquitos and other bugs know how to ruin a perfect evening. Here are 4 helpful tips you can use to keep the bugs away from your backyard oasis.
#1 Install A Patio Fan
Have you noticed that on gusty days mosquitoes and bugs are nowhere to be found? That’s because they have a tough time standing up to even the slightest of winds. Install an overhead patio fan to keep your space free from little flyers and enjoy the cool breeze.
#2 Keep Your Yard Mowed
Small bugs, like ticks, tend to hide in tall grass. They will eagerly wait for a human or animal to pass by and bite. Tallgrass will also encourage other small bugs to set up a home on your lawn, and the closer they are to your house, the easier it will be for them to get in.
#3 Grow Plants That Bugs Hate
Bugs hate strong scents. Mix plants with scents like mint or citrus into your garden, especially near (or on) your porch, patio or deck. They will be beautiful to look at and help tremendously. A few pest-repelling plants are basil, lavender, citronella, lemon thyme or rosemary.
#4 Build A Bat House
Harness a bat's appetite for insects by building your flying friends a bat house. Bats can consume up to 1000 mosquitoes per hour! Now your outdoor evenings are saved, no caped crusader needed.
You should also remove any standing water that is around your property, as they are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And when not in use move buckets, kiddie pools and watering cans underneath an overhang or place them in the shed. By following these tips you can ensure your summer is pest-free and perfect! 

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