How To Break The Ice With New Neighbours

By: Joshua Campbell

How To Break The Ice With New Neighbours

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Becoming residents of a new neighbourhood is an exciting time: there is a whole new area to explore, unique neighbourhood restaurants to visit, and best of all, brand new neighbours to meet!  It’s all good right? Well maybe.  What if meeting people doesn’t seem to go quite according to plan, and you’re having a hard time breaking into the neighbourhood social scene?

Get Out of the House - Nobody wants to start their time as a new neighbour as a recluse or someone who never leaves their home.  So, go outside!  One of the best ways to start to get to know your neighbourhood and the people in it is to walk around and get outside.  Spend time in your yard and say hi to everyone who walks by; take a walk through the streets and to the nearby park; chat with everyone who you meet and be that person.  Hey, at least people will see you, and eventually, they will start to recognize you, learn who you are, and where you live.  From there, all that’s left is the formal introductions.

Let’s Have a Party! - Don’t wait for others to introduce themselves or to show up at your door on their own time – invite them over!  Who doesn’t love a good block party or a neighbourhood gathering?  Organize an informal event, and pretty soon you’ll be everyone’s new friend.  Invite members of the neighbourhood to drop in for a drink, some food, or to bring the kids to play in the backyard.  Create a casual, fun atmosphere; have a BBQ, open a bottle of wine, and have a good time.  If nothing else, those who missed it will know who you are because everyone else will be talking about how great it was!

Attend Community Events - In the early stages of living in a new neighbourhood, there’s no easy way around it: you have to put yourself out there and try.  This means staying aware of local community events, showing up at the events to introduce yourself, and trying to meet other members of the neighbourhood.  Yes, it is easier (and more enjoyable maybe), to stay home in your PJs on the couch after a long day at work, but a glass of wine and a few laughs later, and you’ll forget all about your comfy PJs.  Well for a little while anyway . . .

Meeting people in your neighbourhood and becoming part of the local social circle starts by having a neighbourhood that is a good fit for you.  Working with an experienced Realtor who knows the area is a great way to make sure you find a home and location that suit you and your lifestyle. 

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