How To Avoid A Moving Nightmare During COVID

By: Joshua Campbell

How To Avoid A Moving Nightmare During COVID

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Did you sell your house before this global health pandemic? Were you planning to move in the next few months and are wondering if you should postpone or cancel? Wondering what the moving process could look like for you and your family is probably on your mind right now. Moving is a stressful experience under regular circumstances. Now you run the risk of facing a new set of obstacles. The key to a successful move is to be prepared. Below are some things to do to ensure a smooth transition. 
As of right now, the Canadian Movers Association suggests that if you can postpone your move, try to do so. However, we know that for those who have already closed or are just about to, that may not be a realistic option. Moving companies are still considered an essential service so there are still workers available to help you move. But if you fear the idea of having others move for you, you can choose to rent from a truck company and take on the task yourself.
Research some prospective moving companies to see what they are offering to make the transition easier, to protect their workers and their clients. Contact them and ask what health and safety measures they have in place. Companies are taking extra precautions in their daily operations wearing gloves and masks while working and remaining the required physical distance from their clients. Some companies are even having their clients send them pictures, emails, or text messages of their contents in need of moving to prepare movers.
Usually, moving is a family affair. Everyone is involved in taking on different tasks to speed up the process. If you can, designate one person present to oversee the move to minimize exposure to your family as well as the workers.
When you finally finish moving, be sure to give your new place a thorough cleaning. Sweep and mop the floors, clean out the cupboards, and wipe down frequently touched areas like doorknobs, light switches, faucets, and appliance doors with a Lysol or another type of disinfectant.
For everyone who needs to move, please do so safely and remember, avoiding a moving nightmare IS possible if you plan ahead. 

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