How to Add Value to Your Home

By: Joshua Campbell

How to Add Value to Your Home

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Are you looking to increase your property's value? Or do you just want to improve your living space? Planning a remodelling project is a great way to invest your money. Many of these projects don’t require a large budget and can be completed all at once. Not only will the outcome look beautiful, but when you sell your home, you can get even more back. Here are some popular ways to spruce up your home. 
Washrooms and Kitchens

Buyers are looking for low-maintenance homes, at least for the first few years, and will pay extra for a newly renovated space. These rooms include the kitchen and washrooms. The key is to keep costs down while providing functionality. If a washroom or kitchen has a consistent issue of leaky pipes or worn-out appliances, replacing them with modern features can make your home more appealing. 
Open Concepts

Creating space by knocking down walls and making bigger rooms can increase the value of your home. Opening up more space and designing a sense of flow will appeal to many buyers. Open concept homes are a rising trend as it creates a contemporary feel, and allows homeowners to be more creative in how they utilize rooms. Keep in mind that this can be a big project that may interfere in day to day life, but the payoff is worth it. 
Upkeep The Outdoor Exterior 

The outside of the home is just as important as the inside. After all, it is the first impression of a home. This is also known as curb appeal. An attractive landscape entices buyers to take a deeper look at your house. 
Exterior Paint

If you want to go all out, repainting the entire exterior is a fun project that will also pay off. It’s a great way to revamp the outside and make the home look revitalized. If you aren’t looking for a big home improvement project, touching up worn-out exterior areas will do the trick. Amending flakes and chips on your back deck is a good place to start. Remember to power wash everything before painting!
Doors and Windows

Replacing doors and windows with the newest and best on the market will do wonders for your home's value. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones, not only saves money on bills over time, but buyers also see this as a great addition to their future home.
Don’t put too much pressure on adding maximum value to your home. Work with a set budget and take it one step at a time! It is always a good idea to consult with an expert before you start any home improvement project.

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