How Knowledge Broker Helps Sellers Through Emotional Sales

By: Joshua Campbell

How Knowledge Broker Helps Sellers Through Emotional Sales

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A real estate agent is more than just the person who sells your home, sometimes they are a shoulder to cry on. Sellers often forget how emotional selling a house can be as well. Here are 5 examples of how Knowledge Broker helps clients through emotional periods.
#1 We Expect Emotions
Knowledge Broker has helped hundreds of clients sell their beloved homes. Every house is a new story and a new set of emotions. Some can handle it, others can’t. We are always ready to help those who can’t.
#2 We Know The Signs
There are many reasons why a client might get emotional such as, things aren’t happening they way they expected them too, they feel like they are losing control, they have too many options, they are worried about their finances, or they do not know what offer to commit too. When we start to see clients get upset, frustrated, overwhelmed or worried, we address their concerns and get them to a calm place before moving forward.
#3 We Help Clients Remain Cool
Selling a house means the sellers' day-to-day life changes immensely. There are strangers walking through their house every day, commenting and critiquing it. They’ve had their homes staged and have the added responsibility of keeping those items organized and presentable. On top of that, they have multiple offers coming in on a property. It can be a lot. At Knowledge Broker, we understand that. That’s why we keep clients informed throughout the entire process with everything and let them follow our process step by step.
#4 We Don’t Overwhelm Them
It’s easy for new real estate agents to bombard clients with the information they may or may not be ready for. Telling them they need to replace this, upgrade that, so-and-so is coming at this time to do that, and when do you want to start looking for a new house? We take our clients step by step and work at their pace because this is their journey, we are just here to help guide them through it.
#5 We Let Them Take Breaks
Even the strongest willed clients need to take a break in order to come back stronger than ever. For example, some clients can have their house on the market for months without any bites before they finally change real estate agents. Imagine going months without an offer and then feeling like you’re starting all over? Those are the type of clients who need to take a break, and we let them. Selling a house is a long process and we do not want our clients to burn out before we even get started.
Selling a house and moving on to something new is an exciting opportunity, you just need the right person in your corner to help you accomplish it. For more information on how Knowledge Broker can help you through this change, please contact us today. We would be happy to take you through our process, step by step.
At Knowledge Broker, our goal is to create an open-source of information for all our clients. We want to ensure that, at the end of the day, they get exactly what they want and what they need. If you know someone who could use our help or services please put them in touch with us or send us their details using the contact information below. And before you go, click here to take the Knowledge Broker Quiz and see exactly what we can do for you!

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