Hiring Your Dream Team

By: Trish Riswick

Hiring Your Dream Team

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Last week on the Knowledge Broker Podcast we left off talking about how important ‘image’ is when hiring your team. Josh mentioned something that stuck out to me, “You can’t hire someone for who you want them to be.” We picked up on that comment this week when we reflect on our previous job experiences. Josh let us know of a time when he butted heads with potential clients because they thought he was trying to pull one over on them. He tried to explain the situation to them but it was a partnership that was never going to work. I reflected on a time when I was hired by a boss that wanted to control me with no room for personal thought or creative freedom. As such, I felt stagnant with no room to grow.
Both stories are completely different but share one common theme. When hiring someone you must make sure you hire them for who they are. Everyone has worked in an environment that was not the right fit for them and then learned what elements were missing in order for it to have worked. This week we discuss tips for hiring, hiring mistakes and how do you hire for the future.
As always, you can listen here or read on to see some of the highlights from our discussion.
What Do You Look for In a New Hire?
Before you even meet a potential hire, you can learn a lot about them just from reviewing their application. At Knowledge Broker, we use job posting sites like Indeed. On Indeed you can breakdown your company, the job requirements and ask basic questions but this does not limit who can and will apply. When Josh posts, he adds “Please also send resume and cover letter to such and such email for consideration.” After the resume and cover letter has been received and reviewed, Josh then sends an email with questions for the prospect to answer. As such, it is a requirement for all candidates to complete the three steps in order to be considered. It not only demonstrates which candidates can follow instructions but how capable they are in expressing their ideas through writing.
The second phase of hiring is conducting a phone interview to observe their oral communication skills and then eventually an in-person interview. An easy tip to implement in your hiring process is getting a second opinion. Have a trusted co-worker interview them as well to see if there were any questions you did not ask or any character traits you overlooked.
At Knowledge Broker, we take the hiring process one step further by asking our candidates to take the Kolbe test. This is a detailed and highly regarded assessment that measures a person’s productivity and operation. I highly recommend any employer to use this test to learn more about your candidates.
How Do You to Attract the Right Type of Candidate?
Josh mentioned last week in our podcast that you attract what you portray. If you post-professional, detailed and organized job posts, you will get professional, detailed and organized applicants. It is just that simple!
Here are a few more tips for attracting the perfect candidate:
Leave No Room for Interpretation

If you want to attract the right type of candidate, ensure that your job description is as clear and detailed a possible. The most responsive and serious applicants will take the time to ensure they are the perfect fit for the position.
Identify the Skills Needed

Josh made an excellent point this week by not just glossing over skills but clearly specifying them. For example, writing “proficient writing skills” is not enough. Specify if the candidate is writing legal documents, dictation, or social media posts such as a tweet.   
Be Honest When Hiring

During the interview, candidates are trying to impress you but remember that you are making an impression on them too. In my opinion, this is one of the major mistakes interviewers often make. When you host an interview - you are representing your company and the values it upholds. If someone your interviewing does not seem to be the right fit, do not offer them the job. Do not promise a gorgeous office when you have a back-alley basement. Do not offer job growth if it does not exist. Being dishonest will only decrease your businesses reputation and its values.  
How Do You Expand Your Company’s Positions?
As Josh builds Knowledge Broker, he hires for the positions that would exist if the company was 10 times the size. Which does he hire for first? Well, he starts by eliminating jobs by priority and focusing on what’s most important to the company now. Here are some steps that Josh learned from his professional coach – Strategic Coach in order to decide what is most important now.
Write down everything that you do whether it is weekly, monthly or annually.

  1. Go through it and mark each task with an A, B, C, or D. “A” being the stuff you love, “B” being the stuff you like, “C” being the stuff you tolerate and “D” is the stuff you hate.
  2. Next, create job positions for your B, C and D’s

Eventually, your A’s will be the only thing that remains and, you can focus your time and energy where it counts. You essentially need to go through this methodical process to hire out the people that meet your needs. You are not hiring someone to take care of all the tasks you hate but instead, find a person that loves your dislikes to relieve your day to day activities. 
What is the fear of hiring a new employee?
Josh admits the biggest fear of hiring a new employee, especially when it is your first hire, is how are you going to pay them. Just remember to better your business, you need to spend the money to allow momentum and scalability.
The second fear is what are they going to do. You need to go through your ABCD lists and design the required job. Once you have found someone who loves the job you have designed then you can hire the next person and the next. Finding people who love what they do is not just a bonus but should be a requirement. Do not hire someone if they dislike the tasks you are hiring them to do. Not only will it decrease productivity but it will also create an uncomfortable work environment.
That was it for this week’s podcast. Just as a reminder, our weekly podcast comes out every Tuesday on  Podbean, Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcast. As always you can email me at trish@knowledgebroker.ca with your comments and ideas.
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