First Time Buyers 101: 3 Tips For Buying A Home This Spring

By: Joshua Campbell

First Time Buyers 101: 3 Tips For Buying A Home This Spring

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After waiting all winter, many first-time homebuyers will toss out their scarves, hats, and mittens to begin the search for their first dream home.  With the spring being a popular time to buy for everyone, first-time buyers specifically need to stay on their toes and remain competitive.  Here are three tips all first-time buyers must know to become an informed, prepared, and successful home buyer.
1. Pay Attention to the Exterior
Spring is the perfect time to get a good look at the exterior of a home.  If the exterior of the house looks poorly maintained, it may be a warning sign that the rest of the home also lacks proper care.  Don’t just look at the exterior of the building itself, look closely at the landscaping as well. Well-manicured flower beds, freshly cut grass, and a swept front porch are simple tasks and can all make a big difference in the look and feel of the home.
Additionally, it is important to be on the lookout for exterior damage such as cracks in the foundation, missing gutters, etc. These are items you will want to have addressed before you officially make the home your own.    
2. Don’t Let the Previous Owner Influence Your Decision
Small factors, such as the way the previous owner has staged their home, can influence a first-time buyer's purchasing decision. First-time home buyers need to ignore these details in order to make an objective decision. Instead of focusing on how the home is decorated, first-time buyers need to look at the bigger picture. This means considering things like price, location, and the ability to meet basic needs.  Lastly, there needs to be a huge emphasis on budget – make sure you can afford it!
3. Understand the Current Real Estate Market
The current real estate market is going to affect your purchasing process and methods of decision making.  If the market is leaning toward sellers, you will need to be prepared to pay more and move quickly.  If you are looking during a buyer’s market, the inventory of homes is larger and you will have more time during the negotiation process.  Make sure you work closely with your real estate agent to understand the current market and develop a strategy to help you find and purchase your first home.
It is extremely difficult to think of a season better than spring for buying a house. The weather is comfortable, and everyone is in a good mood.  Be ready by starting early.  Meet with your real estate agent early and create a plan!
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