Eco-friendly Landscaping Tips

By: Joshua Campbell

Eco-friendly Landscaping Tips

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Spring is here! The days are longer and the temperature is slowly getting warmer. Take this time at home to start planning your garden. If you do have some free time and are looking for an excuse to get outside, here are 4 eco-friendly landscaping tips to get you started.
Just a reminder that Ontario garden centres are not open to the public do to COVID-19 but are delivering and doing curbside pick-up. Call ahead or order online before starting your garden projects. 
Number 1: Plant Trees Native to Your Area 
Not only will they grow better but they often repel pests and require fewer to no pesticides. To find out what trees are native to your area use the Ontario Tree Atlas. If you are in the Newmarket to Barrie area, some native trees are the Red Maple, White Birch, White Oak and the American Beech. 
Planting trees can also help provide shade for your home in the summer. This can help cut air conditioning costs. For more information about this click here.
Number 2: Conserve Water 
Grouping plants together that have similar watering needs will save you from overwatering plants. You can do this in your garden beds or in a potted garden. 
If possible, buy a rain barrel. Not only do they help save you money, but rainwater is better for your lawn. Rainwater is highly oxygenated and free of salts, fluoride, and inorganic ions. However, if you don’t have space for a barrel and need to water, try watering in the early morning or late at night to avoid evaporation. 
Number 3: Use Natural Fertilizers 
Help naturally turn your grass green by using compost. Compost is a great way to fertilize your grass and help the soil. Bonus tip to maintaining a beautiful lawn: avoid using pesticides to kill weeds. Pull them yourself! 
Number 4: Add Mulch 
Use mulch around trees, shrubs, and garden beds to control weeds and conserve water. You can order a Big Yellow Bag of Mulch in three different types for convenient and efficient gardening. 
It’s been a long winter, so enjoy the Spring outside as much as you can! Order your supplies online, make a game plan and get your hands dirty. If you have any other eco-friendly gardening tips, email them to us using the link below. We would love to share them! 

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